Break Over

Hello to all my friends! My sadly neglected blog has been calling my name lately….Kelliebelle? Remember me? Why yes, my friend, I certainly do. We’ve lost touch during all my crazy business, but like friends who don’t chat for a while and then spend hours on the phone like no time has passed…I’m sure we can catch up!!

It is absoutely, 100%, my most favorite time of the year, Christmas! Something about Christmas makes me feel so thankful for all the wonderful blessings in my life, and makes me look forward to another glorious year! I won’t lie, 2012 has been a rough one. Lots of sickness and two major surgeries in my little family has thrown us for quite the loop. Hence the sudden end to my blogging over the summer. But still, everything is just right because now it’s Christmas time!!

I have BIG ambitions for 2013. I’m prepping now. I’m planning, scheming, researching, and I hope that I will be able to document this wonderful little life I live and share it with my friends.

For now, enjoy the season! I sure am. Here’s my first ever batch of Peppermint Bark:

And I just finished my first batch of gingerbread cookie dough! YUM, tis the season!


Blog Challenge Day 23

June 23–Favorite Blog Post you’ve written before this challenge. Submitted by Alecia @ Chicken Scratch NY

Gone to the Dogs – this is a crafting inspiration post that just makes me smile. I contains some of my favorite things….yarn crafts and puppies!! I love when people express themselves with handicrafts/art and you know these folks LOVE their dogs!! The only thing that would make me smile more in this post would be a rainbow. Or a bunny. Enjoy!!

Blog Challenge Day 22

June 22– When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Submitted by Hannah @ Baby Knows Best

A dentist. Here’s the story….

My first ever trip to the dentist, I remember being a little nervous. I was with my big brother, so that helped. When they called us into the back, we got to play at a table full of toys, so this dentist thing was off to a pretty good start. When the lady came to get my brother to start cleaning his teeth, I got really nervous because then I would be there alone (not really, but without my brother, which to a little kid, is pretty much alone). The hygenist made a deal with me. If I picked up all the toys in the toy area/around the table, I would get a special treat. So I did, and (in my typical determined style) I kinda rocked it! So when the lady came back I got my special treat. I was able to pick any ring I wanted from a tub of plastic jewelry. I picked a white butterfly ring with metallic green outlines. It was awesome! Then after my teeth cleaning, I got ANOTHER treat! This pretty much convinced me that dentists were the nicest people in the world and I wanted to be one! I wanted to be a dentist, nearly all of my childhood. It wasn’t until I got older and really thought about it that I decided putting your fingers into other people’s mouths could only be fun so many times. And so I’m not a dentist. Although I think it would be a great profession to have!!

Blog Challenge Day 21

June 21–Most recent words of wisdom you heard that stuck with you.

Courtesy of my husband, via the most random FaceBook post ever:

“Where ever you are… that’s where you’re supposed to be. Don’t waste time rationalizing or lamenting. Whether you believe in a divine plan or not, everything happens in a way that brings us to our inevitable end. So enjoy the moment, lost or not, late or on time; you only get one. I can’t always feel this way, but I try. When I make it there, the world is a little brighter.”

Blog Challenge Day 17

June 17–3 things you are proud of about your personality.

Honest – This sometimes gets me in trouble, but I’m pretty much an open book. If I don’t like an idea, you’ll know. I’m not rude about it, but I don’t necessarily sugar coat things either. On the flip side, everyone knows where they stand with me and generally, it’s a good thing

Fun-loving – I certainly have my serious side and some days I am all business, but at the heart of it all, I’m just happy to be here and have some fun. After all, if you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing…you’re probably not doing the right thing for you! Everyday should be a fun adventure!!

Optimistic – I certainly have my up days and down days like everyone else, but generally I’m a pretty optimistic person. Sunny mornings make me smile, but so do rainy ones when I can hear the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof. Enjoy every day, and don’t worry, be happy! The best is yet to come!!

Blog Challenge Day 16

June 16–Fitness guru or couch potato? Talk about your fitness habits.

I definitely do not consider myself a fitness guru or a couch potato. I think I’m smack dab in the middle. I don’t workout very regularly, I wish I did, I say constantly how I need to, but my schedule  has yet to include regular workouts. Except in spurts. This is definitely something I am trying to work on. But I’m certainly not a sloth. Our lives are pretty busy around here so we don’t sit still for very long! Right now my work is having a Wellness challenge so I’m tracking steps with my pedometer. I started with just my normal routine to see how many steps I average on a normal day. It’s about 6000, so now I’m trying to increase that.