This little light shines

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1:5

Friends, it has been a hard week. One in which we are reminded to be grateful for the precious people in our lives, and the simple joys of this crazy little life of ours.

I had some posts planned, but in the wake of such tragedy, they just seem so insignificant. So, I write instead the best message I can:

To all those affected by the events in CT last week, we love and pray for you. It seems impossible to ‘celebrate’ Christmas, but “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Jesus’ birthday is coming, and I know he has some new angels with him who are eager to celebrate.

Hold your loved ones here on Earth tight, and tell them how adored they are. And for your loved ones who are bright shiny stars in the Heavens, hold them close in your heart and tell them how adored they are. Because with a little Faith and Love, I know they will hear you!

I wish you all peace this holiday season. See you in 2013


Happy Halloween!!!!!

Halloween 2009

I am ready! Treat bags for the witches, ghosts and goblins who knock on our door, CHECK!

Spooky cupcakes to share with neighbors, CHECK!!

Now I’m counting down to the Ghost Hunters Halloween special! (One of my fav shows by the way). DH and I will be making homemade pizza and garlic cheese bread for dinner, YUM!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dressing it up!

I often think about how to make my pictures of knitting projects a little more enticing…a little more pro. My biggest issue is usually not the camera or the actual picture-taking (DH has a knack for photography), but the where. First, let’s be honest, I have to find a ‘clean’ place. So no one will go….”Great scarf Kel! Hey is that your dirty laundry on the floor in the background?” or something of the like. (Not that any of you would ever do that to me…and I thank you for your willingness to turn that blind eye!)

Recently while I was cruising the pages of the latest abc distributing catalog, I came across this little baby:

For a mere $19.99!! What a steal!! I can hang accessories on it, use it for taking awesome pictures of my scarves and such, SCORE!!! It arrived today and after just about 10 minutes of assembly, VOILA! Magnificent! I just HAD to take a picture!! So I naturally grabbed the nearest thing….and being in the kitchen, that would be one of my aprons:

Kellie's apron

Yep, I have aprons with my name on them. And stars. Any seasoned road-traveler may recognize this apron. I worked for several years in college at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. I earned my 4 stars (the highest level, pats self on back) and got the maroon trainer apron. Oh yea, I’m good. What did I do in said restaurant you may wonder?? I was the Retail Trainer for the gift shop!! That’s right, talk about a fun job!! And as a result, I became a MASTER gift wrapper and gift basket maker after plowing through several Christmas seasons there. Hmmm, I may smell a gift wrap tips and tricks post coming up in the near future for Christmas….What do you think?? Anyone interested??

PS, my old work aprons make the BEST home aprons!! Maybe I’ll take some measurements and post for my friend Kim, who is now a apron-making pro!

Boot Update

Because I know you are all DYING in anticipation!!!

These came home with me yesterday:

Naturalizer Hunt in Black

I decided to go  to my local Shoe Warehouse rather than buy online. This does narrow the options, but then I can try them on. Is it just me, or are shoe sizes getting more like clothing sizes…..the number doesn’t matter?? I bought 8.5, for YEARS I tell ya, I have worn a 9. But lately I’ve been needed 8.5. Now I really doubt that my feet have shrunk! I think designers are trying to drive us crazy!!! I walked around them in the store for 15 min (no kidding) to make sure they were ‘the ones’ . I’ve been known for doing this. I wore my wedding dress for an hour in the bridal store when I first tried it on. I didn’t want to take it off!!

Anyhow, I’ve decided to be practical and hold off on the REALLY AWESOME cowgirl boots. (They are going on my list of Twenty Wishes!).

Just what I need

another pair of shoes. I’m boot shopping for some winter foot protection and of course I’m loving the most impractical thing I can find:

Justin Gypsy Cowgirl Boots.

I think I could rock these on the weekends!! Alas, what I need is something more practical, knee-high for better coverage and work-friendly….likey so:

Santana Gayle.

What do you think??

A Response from the Shelter!

Got this in my inbox today! I must say, I’M SHOCKED! I really didn’t expect to hear anything back. This actually makes me feel much better, that my words were actually taken seriously! SUCCESS!!

Dear Dr. KellieBelle,

Thank you for your letter. I appreciate you writing to us. I’m sorry to hear that your experience with our shelter wasn’t what it should have been. I’m glad to hear that you have since adopted 2 puppies and that everything is going great for you and your new friends.

I will forward your letter to our Directors. We will also share your letter with our staff in order to hopefully avoid a similar situation in the future with another hopeful new puppy adopter. If I can be of any more help, please feel welcome to contact me again or Julie who is our Director of Adoptions.


Letter to our local pet shelter

Dear Sir or Madam,
I feel I should bring to your attention the experience I had at your animal shelter earlier this year. After years of college and post-graduate education, my husband and I were excited to finally find ourselves in a situation amenable to owning a dog. We are both dog-lovers and have looked forward to getting a dog together for years, so this was definitely a plan we had thought long about when we moved into our house. Since we have both had dogs as pets before, and my husband’s last dog was a rescue, we were excited to find your website and see the frequently updated list of dogs available for adoption. We both work in Boston and commute on the train, so before going to the shelter to inquire about adoption, we arranged to hire a professional dog-walker who had a puppy program where they come by three times throughout the day. This way, we knew any puppy or dog we brought home would be well cared for during our workday, since this was a big concern for us.
When we arrived at the shelter we walked into an interesting and unfortunate scene of a young girl attempting to drop off a cat. Obviously the situation was tense and the female worker who came in to resolve the issue sent the girl away and then made remarks about how the shelter would be happy to help if she would stop lying. Although the situation made me a bit uncomfortable and I considered the worker’s behavior to be incredibly unprofessional, I put it out of my mind as a volunteer ushered us around the crowd and showed us how to sign in. After a long walk through all the dog/puppy rooms, we found a few puppies we were interested in so we took the cards out to the lobby to wait for an adoption counselor. The lady who came to help us turned out to be the same one we had seen interact with the girl with the cat. She escorted us to the puppy room and started to ask the usual questions about our living situation, etc. When we said that we both work she there was absolutely no way the shelter would adopt a puppy to us because you can’t leave a puppy alone for 12 hours a day. I explained to her that we would never do that and our work day was certainly not 12 hours long. For the time we were gone during the workday, we had already hired a professional dogwalker in Salem that could stop by three times a day. Her response is that I “wouldn’t want to pay for that.” She said instead that she thought a house-trained adult dog was what we needed. Since we were not adverse to the idea, we were happy to walk through the sm-med adult dog room with her, where she proceeded to stop at every pen and tell us why she could not adopt that dog to us. In the end, she felt that no dog currently at the shelter was a “fit for our situation” and took our contact info, promising to get in touch with us when a dog arrived that did “fit our situation.”
I left feeling that she made many assumptions and did not listen to us at all. I do not feel like our “situation” of both working is an impossible one, especially given that we have prepared for exactly this. I was and still am greatly offended that she made comments about what kind of care I would be willing to pay for; I can only assume she thinks I lied about the dogwalker (she wrote down the name of the business before we left because she had never heard of them). She even made a remark implying that after a long day at work, we would not want to walk a dog and by not being home during the day with a puppy, it could take us up to 2 years to housetrain one.
I realize that many dogs that end up in shelters are turned in by families who can not handle the responsibility of a dog, so I appreciate her concerns. However, the rudeness and skepticism we experienced was completely uncalled for. I am happy to say that in the last 6 months since this incident, we have privately adopted, not only 1, but 2 puppies. We have been quite willing to pay for multiple visits per day from the dogwalkers, whom our pups love, and amazingly enough, they are both house-trained! We have gone through beginning obedience training with both and plan to continue with intermediate training. I can honestly say that finding these two wonderful puppies elsewhere was really the best part of my experience at your shelter.
It makes me sad to know that two other dogs who needed a home were denied ours due to unfounded assumptions. For a long time, I was too upset to even contact the shelter about this, but many of my friends with rescue dogs were shocked that we were so quickly denied and have urged us to bring the situation to the forefront. Thus, I bring this to your attention, not for any kind of retribution on my end, but so that hopefully another pair of responsible “puppy parents” will not be so quickly disregarded due to only one person’s misguided opinion. I wish you success in all your efforts to save dogs and provide them with their forever homes.
Dr. KellieBelle