2013 in with a bang

Happy 2013! I realize January is almost over, but better late than never for a New Year’s wish, right? I ended 2012 with a bang and clang whose ring keeps echoing. While crafting clever plans for home projects, craft projects with my little one and other fun stuff, I got hit by a ton of bricks. On 12-12-12 (yes, one of those famous-impossible-to-forget-dates) I was informed that my workplace is being closed. I’m about to join the unemployed, and I can’t say this is easy news to accept. It’s hard to stay excited about my fun project plans when I now have to update the resume, work on job searching, come up with a new budget for my little family, make decisions about my little one’s daycare, etc, etc, etc. I’m afraid that first day ‘home’ will be hard and I won’t be sure what to do with myself. I’ve literally never taken a ‘break.’ I’ve always been one of those types that plows into the next thing. I went straight from high school to college, college to grad school, grad school to post-doc and post-doc to job. I only took 2 weeks off when we moved across the country! I will either love or hate this. Any bets which?

Looking forward

So, I’m making plans again. I feel I need to capitalize on this opportunity. I hope to do those house projects, do a lot of baking, and PURGE PURGE PURGE and ORGANIZE my house!!! This could get interesting!



Break Over

Hello to all my friends! My sadly neglected blog has been calling my name lately….Kelliebelle? Remember me? Why yes, my friend, I certainly do. We’ve lost touch during all my crazy business, but like friends who don’t chat for a while and then spend hours on the phone like no time has passed…I’m sure we can catch up!!

It is absoutely, 100%, my most favorite time of the year, Christmas! Something about Christmas makes me feel so thankful for all the wonderful blessings in my life, and makes me look forward to another glorious year! I won’t lie, 2012 has been a rough one. Lots of sickness and two major surgeries in my little family has thrown us for quite the loop. Hence the sudden end to my blogging over the summer. But still, everything is just right because now it’s Christmas time!!

I have BIG ambitions for 2013. I’m prepping now. I’m planning, scheming, researching, and I hope that I will be able to document this wonderful little life I live and share it with my friends.

For now, enjoy the season! I sure am. Here’s my first ever batch of Peppermint Bark:

And I just finished my first batch of gingerbread cookie dough! YUM, tis the season!