Wedding Shawl

I mentioned in my last post about the recent family wedding we attended. I’m still in love with every detail of this wedding and will share some of them here! First though, the yarny goodness portion!! I decided nearly immediately when I heard the wedding news, that this very special bride required a very special gift that I wanted to make myself. Enter, the crocheted South Bay Shawlette. This easy to follow pattern works up like a dream in Kidsilk Haze yarn. I added a final row of single crochet stitches in spaces, with a chain 1 with bead stitch over each stitch in the previous row. It was my first time using beads in a project and it was quite easy and made such a difference!!

Close up of the Swarovski beaded edge and shawl pin

Now, as promised, here are a few select images from the wedding day!!

BIG NOTE WITH FLASHY AND SPARKLING LIGHTS: The following are all pictures from April+Paul Photography and these two are GREAT! Talk about fun!!

First look
First look

I’m so honored the bride wore her shawl for her and the groom’s “first look” pictures (above)! It went perfectly with her dress, hooray!

Next, some fun photos from the day!First, I have to show off my baby girl, who played the role of flower fairy!! The bride made her little dress and tutu, which were a big hit!

Unfortunately, Elena couldn’t quite make it through the ceremony and fell asleep on her Daddy. He was an usher and is wearing the men’s chosen attire, colored button-down shirts with suspenders and bowtie, what fun!!

This bride is A-MA-ZING and MADE these dressing gowns for each of her bridesmaids! She chose fabric for each that represented them or was their style and then made a kimono-style dressing gown, complete with matching boxer shorts! Showing off these gowns made for one of my fav pics of the day…..

Team Bride!
Team Bride!

This picture is only here because I LOVE to watch DC Cupcakes and was super excited when these little puppies arrived! The bride has a friend that works there, oh lucky us!

DC Cupcake yum-yums!!
DC Cupcake yum-yums!!

The simple elegance of this wedding made it so special. Below is the ceremony site. See those penants hanging on the front porch? Yep, made by the mother of the bride! The ribbon swag over the door and quilted pinwheels flanking the door? ALL Handmade.

Ceremony setup
Ceremony setup

The reception decor carried on the simple pleasures garden party feel.

Reception decor
Reception decor

Even the wedding favors were all homemade goodness, watermelon and grapefruit jam made by the mother and sister of the groom:

We be jammin.
We be jammin.

Overall, this was definitely a day we will not soon forget. Love to all my family, we miss you!

The Bride and Me:)
The Bride and I 🙂



Oh Busy Times…

My oh my, how busy life have been lately! First off, I’m officially unemployed now. So, I’ve filed for unemployment and purchased more yoga pants, not necessarily in that order. I found out pretty quickly that my wardrobe had become very work-oriented and while I have a lot of ‘work-out’ clothes, they are all shorts or capris. I have a few pairs of sweats, but they tend to be my pajamas and not necessarily fit for public consumption. So, I filled in that gap, thank you Target.

I’m finding my days ‘at home’ go by really fast! Between stalking my email for job hits (only a couple of responses so far), checking my FaceBook ‘farm’ (dear Lord, why did I start that?) and then playing Mom and wife with some cooking and house projects, I’m really very busy!

First, we took a trip to Ikea. It’s what every newly unemployed person should do, right? NO! It’s not! However in this case, it was a money saver. We are working on redoing our office and we had picked out a sweet freestanding Elfa double desk with wall shelves at Container Store for the hefty price of almost $2000. It was kinda like this, but with another desk section:

Birch & Platinum elfa décor freestanding Study Zone from Container Store

But alas, Ikea had a more affordable option that offered more toddler friendly (aka, hidden from plain site) storage…

Billy from Ikea

Which we choose to pair with two tabletops with one cabinet and legs from Vika system. Sorry, this is in pieces since it’s customizable, so you will see the picture when we are all done. But, the best part of the trip, which I look forward to every time, is lunch in their restaurant. Elena LOVES it!

Mommy and Ellie waiting for lunch!

An appetizer while we wait…

Nom Nom Cheerios!
Getting the goods! Elena wasn’t sure what to think of this part and just quietly took it all in.
Success!! We got everything we wanted and Elena got a new stuffed bunny! He’s currently one of her fav toys 🙂

Furniture assembly began during Blizzard Nemo last weekend. I expect it will take at least another week or two before it’s all finished, so stay tuned for the final product and hopefully a few more updates along the way!


May Recap

How did I do with my May goals? Let’s see….

  • Read a book – something I have not indulged in regularly since becoming a busy Mommy: DONE! I LOVED Bloom! Really enjoyed some ‘me’ time reading too!
  • Enjoy my first Mother’s Day – a fun low-key day was enjoyed by all
  • Work on Ellie’s Birthday Bunting – still in progress, but looking very good!

  • Clean the office (aka junk room, at least these days) – a work in progress (sorry, no pics) but looking much better!
  • Finish a UFO – for all my non-yarnie friends…that would be an ‘UnFinished Object’ I have quite a few of these, and lord help me, I could do with less of them! FAIL….I didn’t not finish any projects, although I did make progress on one:

  • Paint the front door (finally) – total fail, but I do blame all the rain we’ve been getting
  • Contact landscapers for quotes on front yard redo – post-back surgery, I have decided we should hire this out instead of Terry taking on the brunt of it. We’ll see how the budget turns out….fingers crossed! FAIL…must do this!
  • Move obsolete baby gear to attic I believe we have sadly seen the last days for several things: swing, infant carrier/carseat, little bottles, breast pump, etc. IN PROGRESS: nothing has made its way to the attic yet, but I do have big plastic bins packed and ready!!

Not bad! June will be even busier as preparations for Ellie’s first birthday party really crank up, so stay tuned!

Hello there Oktober

Pumpkins, ghosts and witches, oh my! Living just minutes away from Witch City means you’re never bored and you get a big heads up when Halloween rolls around! October is considered its own season around here and the decor is popping up all over the place. I’ve even seen a few leaves falling and I just got word today that the Connors Maize Maze (this year styled after Clint Eastwood. Not kidding! Click the link!) is opening up. All this can only mean one thing OCTOBER IS NEAR!!!!

I’ve been extra absent lately and that is because of the preparation, whirlwind tour and recovery from my fabulous vacation to Germany!! While pictures are forthcoming from my photographer hubby (don’t worry Facebook friends, I promise they will appear one day!) I did manage to snag a few, BWA-HA-HA! Hence the title of this post, refering to Oktoberfest!!!

Did you know:

  • Oktoberfest is the world’s largest fair?
  • The celebration is watched over by the statue of Bavaria?
  • Oktoberfest is an anniversary celebration?

I sure didn’t, at least not until I went! And this year is extra special because it’s the 200th anniversary of the marraige of Crown Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen (namesake of the Theresienwiese festival grounds). Well there you have it.

It just so happened that DH and I were in Munich for one last hurrah (after visiting the Bavarian Alps and Prague!) before our flight back to the US. It also just so happened to be the opening day of Oktoberfest! What luck?!

View from the ferris wheel
One of the gorgeus horse-drawn beer wagons
Enjoying a coffee at the end of the day
Terry had one too 🙂

And, of course I couldn’t go on vacation without a travel yarn project! This time I packed up some crochet hooks (they tend to get through the airports a tad easier than the pointy metal sticks knitting needles) and worked on a cardigan:

The sleeves are being a pain, so I’m currently considering making this more of a vest. It is asymmetrical (I’m sure you noticed….) and I plan to attach a pair of ties at the top. I’ll also be adding more edging to the front because right now it doesn’t close (size small = 36-in bust my booty! I totally should have made a medium, or even a large for a big floppy sweater, but alas, we’ll go for mini-cropped cardi).

I’ve also been working on my handmade item for the tea/coffee swap I’m currently participating in. For that I embroidered these flour sack towels and embellished them with vintage plastic buttons. LOVE how they came out!

So that is the update here! Hopefully now that things have settled down again you’ll hear from me a little more often!!!

How did I do with my weekend list?

  1. Weekly House Cleanup & Laundry Almost done…2 loads of laundry to go!
  2. Couple time We post-poned the movie to have some quality family time with the puppies! We walked all around Salem Common and went to Derby Wharf for the return of the Friendship of Salem! It was a great (but cold!) afternoon, the puppies are wiped out! Here is a pic of DH and the puppies in the Common (I couldn’t resist a picture of all my guys!)
  3. Complete new kitchen ‘built-in’ design and purchase supplies – Still working on this
  4. Crochet a baby hat!Done! (see below)
  5. Buy ornament for annual swap Done!
  6. Scope out Christmas trees Done! In fact it is already up (but not decorated!)
  7. Do this week’s blog party project and photograph Done! Coming in a post SOON!
  8. Plan Thanksgiving menu and grocery shop Done! The grocery was a madhouse!
  9. Buy the ‘I got an awesome deal, this is the perfect rug for my craft room’ rug!! Done! I can’t wait for it to get here!

Wow, what a great weekend! I can’t believe I got so much done! If only I could always be this productive!!

OK, so here are the hats I’ve been working on! A friend of mine how has a cute little 6-month old saw these online and asked if I could make something similar. I think she will love these, I really hope they fit!

My gauge was totally off on this one, but rather than frog it, I kept going and made an adult size that matches the little one. I consider this one a bonus and Mom or Dad and the baby can be matchy cute!

Second is a cute little hat with earflaps and tassels:

So stinking cute, I have to make more of these!!

The big lapghan reveal!

Remember a while back I started a lapghan?? I think later I mentioned that I finished said lapghan, but wasn’t really posting about it because it was a gift. Well, today the gift was given and now I can post pictures!!!

Simple edge stitchGoogly owlThe finished product!

I’m happy with how it came out. Granted, the owl is a bit googly-eyed! I tried THREE times to fix said googly-eye before deciding, it gave the owl ‘character’ and how dare I fiddle with that!!

This blankie was given to my good friend Mel, who is expecting a little bundle of sugar’n’spice and all that’s nice named Emersen (Emmy for short). I picked the owl motif out of the sheets Mel got for Emmy’s bed and matched it pretty darn well, I think!! (Unfortunately I can’t find the picture online at Target anymore, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Thanks to Mel for inviting me to her lovely, wonderful shower! Here is a pic of us with our other good friend Marilyn! We had a blast!

(left to right: Kelliebelle, Mel, Marilyn)

San Fran

Finally, got DH to download our San Francisco pictures!! (He is even working on the Spain pictures, hallelujah!) So, we went to Redwood City for a work meeting. Since the meeting ended after lunch on Friday, we decided to stay until Sunday so we could sightsee. Neither of us had ever been to California, so it was a great opportunity!!! First we got an Enterprise rental car delivered to our hotel. There was a little mixup with the fax from the hotel getting missed, so when we called to check on the late car, they send it ASAP and upgraded us to a Mercedes! DH had a blast driving it for a few days and was hinting at what a great car it was, sporty, but still a 4-door, etc. I can see this topic coming up again in our future 😛 I must say, he looked pretty hot cruising in it!


We hit the coast first and went to see the Pigeon Point lighthouse. I have a bit of an obsession with lighthouses, so when DH saw this on the map, he kept it a surprise/secret and just drove there while I was clueless. Needless to say I was really excited when we pulled up!! It was gorgeus and a nice area to explore.

After the lighthouse we went to eat at the Moss Beach Distillery where DH had made reservations. This was extra fun because the Distillery was featured on one of our all-time favorite shows, Ghost Hunters! While it was not found to be haunted by Jason and Grant, it was an awesome place to enjoy dinner! Great food and we got a table right by the window. Since the building is situated on a cliff, this made for a GORGEUS view!! It was even quite creepy with all the fog rolling in, GORGEUS!

On Saturday we started with a drive through the city to the Golden Gate Bridge! The fog was pretty thick, but we went ahead thinking it was the best time for us to hit the bridge. Well, here’s the view:

What a view, right?! LOL!!! The rest of the day was spent walking around Fisherman’s Pier, which has a great National Park Site at Hyde Street Pier. DH loves ships and naval history and I love everything associated with the water, so this was a great way to spend the morning! In fact, I have to give the NPS a plug here!! The Pier was such a great site to visit it got me thinking and I pointed out to DH that there are so many great ‘sites’ in our country that so many people never see!! It is so inexpensive to visit also ($5 per adult?! A bargain!) that if you can get to a region, any family could have a great, affordable and educational vacation! I definitely plan to do more like this if/when we have kids!! Anyway, here we are on the deck of one of the ships:

We drove around the city a bit to see some of the sites before wrapping up our day in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. What a fabulous relaxing trip!! We had no plan whatsoever when we got there, which I think made it more fun to just explore and see where we ended up!