Cupcake supplies

This is what happens when I go to the craft store for cupcake baking supplies….I spend too much money, and do this:




I finished a knitting project!

FOR REAL! For the first time since baby girl was born! YAY!!!!

Of course it was for her Easter! A super easy Bunny Beanie hat for my girl. It is amazingly the only hat that she does not immediately try to pull off her head. She wore it almost all day long and has worn it to daycare everyday since. Ok, that’s only two days, but it totally counts!

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter!

Where did January go?

What a whirlwind! Here, let me catch you up:
-baby got stomach virus
-baby shared stomach virus with Mommy
-baby got better just in time for Daddy’s back surgery
-Daddy came home from hospital, YAY!
-Daddy started feeling bad and ended up back in hospital, BOO!
-Baby’s tummy got upset again and she missed a few more days of daycare
-Baby had 6 month well visit and got vaccines
-Baby then got really sick and is now home with conjunctivitis, double ear infection and pneumonia in the left lung 😦 Mega sad face!
-Daddy maybe starting to feel better….last set of tests today, YAY!

What does this all add up to: one tired Mommy! We have already met our deductible and, I think, probably our out-of-pocket expenses for the year. I’m also officially out of sick days and floating holiday already. In the first week of February. YIKES!

Please Lord, let this be our last round of illnesses for a while! I totally didn’t get much done in January outside of dealing with the above. I did however order and receive the yarn for the Wedding Bells Shawl, SO FLUFFY!! I even cast on! But then I discovered that none of my knitting needles are pointy enough for ‘real’ lace knitting. So I ordered every flavor of Knit Picks tips:

Harmony Wood:


Zephyr Acrylic:

I’m really hoping one of these tips does the trick!! Stay tuned!

Also, I really do have some February goals, so let’s see if I can get them posted before the end of the month, LOL!

Wedding Bells Shawl

I must say, I’m pretty busy these days! Full-time job, Mommy and wife. Unfortunately my husband is battling some back issues in the form a severely herniated disk, so he is mostly down for the count. This is frustrating for both of us, because he can’t hold the baby or basically life anything, he can’t drive, etc so I’m busier than ever keeping the little munchkin happy and healthy, trying to not let our house descend into total chaos and working in some sleep too!

And Yet, I’m planning a pretty big knitting project! What can I say, I can’t help myself! There is a very special honorary “sibling” of mine currently planning a springtime garden wedding party for 2013. This means I have roughly a year to knit this for her:

Wedding Bells Shawl

Wedding Bells Shawl by Caroline Levandar <- Ravelry Link!

I love all the meaning that inspired this one, the bells and hearts border, the diamonds in the main part. Swoon, so pretty! I think this will be a challenge, so it’s a good thing I have a year to get it together. I just received the yarn for it this week, I got Rown Kidsilk Haze in cream:

Oh, so soft and fluffy! Hope I can start on it soon!!

Product Purge & Multnomah

So, as promised, I started my BIG purge this weekend. A humble start, but a start nonetheless!

I decided to start with my ‘products’ in the bathroom. Now I typically don’t consider myself a high maintenance kind of girl, but you wouldn’t know that to look at my product stash. So here is the armful of stuff I grabbed from the bathroom to purge/organize:


Don't you want to take a picture of ME?


Evidently, Jasper wanted to help 🙂


Straight from the tiny bathroom....


Now this is really NOT a fair before picture. This was the first round of stuff I pulled out. While organizing I kept remembering…’Wait, I have hair stuff upstairs!’ or ‘Wait, I have more makeup in my travel bag….still packed from Christmas…’ etc etc. And so the project grew….

But nevertheless, here is what I tossed in the trash:


Le Gar-bage Pile


I followed all appropriate rules, any makeup over 6 months, GONE! Hair products I haven’t touch in forever, GONE! Many many travel totes, bags, organizational tools into which things go never to emerge again, GONE!

Here’s the results:


Hair accessories basket
Makeup basket


These baskets now live on the shelf of our bathroom cabinet. I also started cleaning out the medicine cabinet and bathroom cabinet but I don’t have pictures of that yet because it’s still a bit in progress AND (most exciting!) my hubby spent a good part of the weekend spackling, sanding and painting some spots on the wall in need of repair. Look for final bathroom org pics to come!

Also this weekend I started a new knitting project! It is a shawl called Multnomah. It is another meager start, but a start! This shawl is intended for a Mardi Gras swap package I’ll be putting together for my super-secret partner in the Ravelry Odd Ducks group. I love the green, purple and gold yarn, which I purchased on Etsy, GORGEUS!!

Mardi Gras Multnomah

So there you have it, my productive weekend! Happy organizing to all!

Still here and still knitting (and crocheting!)

So…..I’m a bad blogger, we have established this. Life has just been busy busy with summer projects! I did complete the bedroom paintjob, although I don’t have pictures of it yet because I’m waiting for all those finishing touches. (Don’t hold your breath!)

Anywhoo, thought I should let all know that I’m still here and I still do knit and crochet? What, you may ask, do I make? Here’s a few recent projects:

1. The autumn scarflette/shawlette! I made this as part of a firefly/Serenity (aka greatest show ever) themed swap package. These pictures are from the recipient, who hails from Honolulu and really appreciated this lightweight scarf/shawlette!

2. Baker’s Dozen Squares Swap: So I joined this great swap on Ravelry where they have 13 people per group and each month 12 members make a 12 inch square (knit or crochet) and send them to the 13th member. When you’re the lucky 13th member of the month, you receive 12 lovely squares that you can use to make anything you want. COOL! Here are the July squares I made (I’m in 2 groups, cuz I can’t get enough of a fun thing!):

3. I’m also taking a crochet class from my LYS (local yarn store) to crochet a market bag. Here’s where I’m at right at this very moment (crappy webcam pic but you get the idea!)

There you have it, my most recent craftiness.

Also (just for Kim!) a house update!! We are almost done with the act of congress that is getting a variance approved to build our front porch!!! Our hearing is Monday, so hopefully no one ‘objects’. If all goes well we’ll get the permit after a 20-day waiting period, then we can schedule the contractor. This has of course turned into a much bigger project than just ‘add a porch’ because we’re planning on new siding, moving our front door, our big spruce tree has to go for the porch, and of course all our MONSTER shrubs will GO GO GO! I can’t wait!!