Mother’s Day

What a lovely First Mother’s Day I celebrated! We had quite the weekend, with a surprise visit to the peditrician (everything was A-OK, whew!), a total brake re-do on our Jeep Cherokee, and Terry coming down with a cold. Yes, for the second time this year our entire family is on antibiotics! When everyone says that kids in daycare are sick all the time but have great immune systems, they forget to mention that Mom and Dad are sick all the time too!

Despite all the craziness, we had a very good low-key weekend. We did away with any ‘big’ outings and spent a relaxing day at home. The weather was gorgeous so we got to enjoy a nice walk around the neighborhood (without a doubt, Jasper and Mickey’s favorite part of the weekend!) and then we rocked on the porch and visited with the neighbors while the pups napped to recover from the big walk.Overall, a win for everyone 🙂



Happy 2012

Happy 2012!! Poof! Another year gone by and a new one begun. 2011 was quite a year and it really FLEW by with very little blogging. But here I am, back and full of energy for a new and exciting start!
I’m spending this New Year’s Day with my family in South Louisiana watching some Saints football and eating LOTS of good food! There are
Any resolutions I could make but the theme for 2012 is to “simplify” our lives. This will include decluttering, purging and mass reorganization of my little house, all the while enjoying fun times and relaxation with my family. It’s quite a tall order, I know, but aim high right?
Enjoy your New Year and I’ll be seeing you in blogland again soon!