Hi there! I’m a 30-something year lady who’s a bit nerdy, a bit girly, a bit quirky, a bit adventurous, a bit…well you get the idea.
I’m a yarn-loving, sci-fi/fantasy geek with a planner obsession. I drink too much coffee because I LOVE it (New Orleans coffee and chickory blend please!) and usually don’t get enough sleep. Most of my days are spent trying to corral my gang, make it through the work day and prevent the chaos from growing, and once the little one goes to bed I get to relax and create. Welcome to the craziness, it sure is fun!!!


Do you want to send me a message or random thought? You will seriously make me happy! I’ll probably run around the kitchen in my slippers chanting, someone reads my blog AND sent me a message! Oh no Honey, you have to watch the baby for 5 minutes because I have a message! Yep, you’ll make me a happy lady, so go on, you know you want to!! Oh right, the email:


I can’t wait to hear from you!!!


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