Exciting times in the Northeast

So clearly, I’ve been a busy lady. Summer has been amazing. We’ve had all the typical ups and downs: the headaches of house projects, and the satisfaction of seeing some of them completed. The anticipation of the little one’s 2nd birthday, and the its bittersweet passing. The nerve-wrecking job search, and the satisfaction of finding a truly wonderful job (YAY!).

So, I’ve been playing catch up in more ways than one. And now the upcoming changing of the seasons has me invigorated. After all, there no more waiting for the return of the pumpkin spice latte, because folks, it’s HERE!

What else makes me happy? Fast and thoughtful gifts. I love to give them. So, I whipped this one up for my friend who just became a first-time homeowner! It makes me smile and I hope it will do the same for her! I made some sunny yellow and cream colored cotton dishcloths:

Simple double crochet (DC) dishcloth with single crochet (SC) edge

And paired them with a happy flower dish scrubbie and lemon-scented handsoap and lotion in a little ceramic caddy.

Completed Housewarming gift!

I love how it came out and the best part was this was so quick to make! I believe I may see more of these in my future. How do you like it??



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