Wedding Shawl

I mentioned in my last post about the recent family wedding we attended. I’m still in love with every detail of this wedding and will share some of them here! First though, the yarny goodness portion!! I decided nearly immediately when I heard the wedding news, that this very special bride required a very special gift that I wanted to make myself. Enter, the crocheted South Bay Shawlette. This easy to follow pattern works up like a dream in Kidsilk Haze yarn. I added a final row of single crochet stitches in spaces, with a chain 1 with bead stitch over each stitch in the previous row. It was my first time using beads in a project and it was quite easy and made such a difference!!

Close up of the Swarovski beaded edge and shawl pin

Now, as promised, here are a few select images from the wedding day!!

BIG NOTE WITH FLASHY AND SPARKLING LIGHTS: The following are all pictures from April+Paul Photography and these two are GREAT! Talk about fun!!

First look
First look

I’m so honored the bride wore her shawl for her and the groom’s “first look” pictures (above)! It went perfectly with her dress, hooray!

Next, some fun photos from the day!First, I have to show off my baby girl, who played the role of flower fairy!! The bride made her little dress and tutu, which were a big hit!

Unfortunately, Elena couldn’t quite make it through the ceremony and fell asleep on her Daddy. He was an usher and is wearing the men’s chosen attire, colored button-down shirts with suspenders and bowtie, what fun!!

This bride is A-MA-ZING and MADE these dressing gowns for each of her bridesmaids! She chose fabric for each that represented them or was their style and then made a kimono-style dressing gown, complete with matching boxer shorts! Showing off these gowns made for one of my fav pics of the day…..

Team Bride!
Team Bride!

This picture is only here because I LOVE to watch DC Cupcakes and was super excited when these little puppies arrived! The bride has a friend that works there, oh lucky us!

DC Cupcake yum-yums!!
DC Cupcake yum-yums!!

The simple elegance of this wedding made it so special. Below is the ceremony site. See those penants hanging on the front porch? Yep, made by the mother of the bride! The ribbon swag over the door and quilted pinwheels flanking the door? ALL Handmade.

Ceremony setup
Ceremony setup

The reception decor carried on the simple pleasures garden party feel.

Reception decor
Reception decor

Even the wedding favors were all homemade goodness, watermelon and grapefruit jam made by the mother and sister of the groom:

We be jammin.
We be jammin.

Overall, this was definitely a day we will not soon forget. Love to all my family, we miss you!

The Bride and Me:)
The Bride and I 🙂



5 thoughts on “Wedding Shawl

  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. This is just the most amazing wedding. I’m currently blowing up all the pictures to see them closer. Just, wow. The bride is stunning and all the details are just superb. I love that shawl you made – it’s just perfect for the feel of the day> And your little girl? I’m dying from the cuteness of her. Such a sweetheart.

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