Flowers in bloom

Happy Spring! Boy have I been waiting for winter to end! So what did I do today? Spent my first spring morning shoveling snow and slush. What? Yes, spring is off to a slow start here in New England….

But I do still have some beautiful spring flowers to share! I recently had the honor of standing in my dear cousin’s wedding as matron of honor, and let me tell you, this wedding was everything a spring Southern wedding should be. It was fun, it was a gorgeous WARM day, and it was full of friends, family, food and homemade details that made me (and everyone else) smile. I was privileged to contribute to a few of these details! I share with you today, flower corsages!!

The bride provided lovely yarn in the wedding’s spring garden colors:


After some quick pattern and inspiration searches, I modified a rosette pattern to crochet these:



And here are some close-up shots. To dress them up a bit, I added a single clear ‘crystal’ bead to the center of each rosette.

IMG_1104 IMG_1103

This too large for corsage prototype turned into it’s own pin, which I used as decor on the bride’s wedding present:



I have to say I am just tickled at how these turned out!


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