Blog Challenge Day 22

June 22– When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Submitted by Hannah @ Baby Knows Best

A dentist. Here’s the story….

My first ever trip to the dentist, I remember being a little nervous. I was with my big brother, so that helped. When they called us into the back, we got to play at a table full of toys, so this dentist thing was off to a pretty good start. When the lady came to get my brother to start cleaning his teeth, I got really nervous because then I would be there alone (not really, but without my brother, which to a little kid, is pretty much alone). The hygenist made a deal with me. If I picked up all the toys in the toy area/around the table, I would get a special treat. So I did, and (in my typical determined style) I kinda rocked it! So when the lady came back I got my special treat. I was able to pick any ring I wanted from a tub of plastic jewelry. I picked a white butterfly ring with metallic green outlines. It was awesome! Then after my teeth cleaning, I got ANOTHER treat! This pretty much convinced me that dentists were the nicest people in the world and I wanted to be one! I wanted to be a dentist, nearly all of my childhood. It wasn’t until I got older and really thought about it that I decided putting your fingers into other people’s mouths could only be fun so many times. And so I’m not a dentist. Although I think it would be a great profession to have!!


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