Blog Challenge Day 12

June 12 – Worst injury you’ve had & how it happened


I have only broken one bone in my life…my left collarbone. I was 6 years old and was out riding bikes with my big (9 year old) brother and bigger cousin. My cousin lived on the next street over and was old enough to ride his bike over to our house. We would go ride in the cul-de-sac a few doors down, which we called the ‘circle’, because that was the only place we were allowed to ride in the street. Being big racing fans and growing up going to the weekend races pretty much every weekend made us just a tiny bit competitive. So of course, we RACED in the street.

Well my cousin was about to ‘lap’ me so I was racing as hard as I could, which for a little determined Cajun girl, is pretty darned hard! In my last ditch effort to stay ahead I raced an even tighter circle…yes, for all the racing fans out there, I was working ‘inside groove’ of the circle!! Well, this ultimately led to me losing my balance and falling 😦

If falling AND getting lapped wasn’t bad enough, my cousin who was following very close behind, didn’t have time to go around me, so he tried to pop a wheelie over me. Unfortunately he didn’t quite make it and his back tire landed on my collar bone. CRUNCH! I screamed. He raced home, never to return to ride bikes with us again. My brother ran home to get my Mom. Meanwhile I laid in the street screaming and people literally came out of their houses and stood there looking at me because everyone was afraid to touch or move me! Mom scooped me up and brought me home and then we all took a nice car ride to the ER. I say nice, but not really. I don’t remember much of it. I remember crying and having a cold wet towel on my shoulder. Mom told me I hyperventilated in the car!

I got to wear that annoying strap thing for 6 weeks and had to hold my shoulders up and back all the time. Try getting a 6 year old to do that! Despite all this craziness, it healed quite nicely 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Day 12

  1. holy cow!!! i remember when i was about the same age, i would always go riding bicycles with my older sister and her friends down the road. i decided it would be cool to pretend i was flying, so i closed my eyes to feel the wind in my face and all the sudden i ran in to the girls bike in front of me and fell off my bike and skinned my knees pretty bad. then the girl behind me, following too closely, ran over the back of my knees!! so i was all sorts of cut up. they too, ran home to get my dad and i remember watching him run towards me and then the *long walk home in his arms……. bikes are bad!!! haha

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