Blog Challenge Day 8

June 8– Not including blogging 😉 your favorite guilty pleasure.

Really? Could I pick just one? Uh, no! Here’s the top two:

Reading – I love me a good book! And for me ‘good’ means a lot of things…but nothing to serious. Life is serious enough all on its own. I usually read romance, fantasy or classic warm-and-fuzzy-feel-good books. I did the 52-Books-in-52-Weeks Challenge in 2009 and that was great fun. Because I’m a bad blogger, I never quite finished the list out and I honestly don’t remember the last few books, so I can’t fill them out now. Since having a baby I definitely don’t get so much reading time…and a lot of that is dedicated to reading baby/child development books, but I do still enjoy it and read a little before bed most nights.

Bubble baths – Give me a LUSH bath bomb or bubble bar (and a good book!) and I’m mush for the rest of the evening. Add a glass of wine…and don’t even try to talk to me, because I’ve entered a whole other world 🙂


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