Summer Blog Challenge-Day 6

June 6– Nicknames you have & why you have them.

Well this topic brings back some memories! I haven’t really had a nickname since I was a kid, but here are the ones I remember:

Kellie Belly – well, it rhymes and I was a bit chunky as a kid!

Tubby – the chunky part again, lol. This one stuck a little and my uncle still calls me this, which I don’t mind at all!!

JabbaJaws – I kinda talk a lot. My friends know this and love me anyway. My uncle (same one!) called me this when I was a baby/kid because as soon as I figured out baby talk, he said I never shut up! LOL!

K, Kel….obvious

(joint nickname) Kerry & Tellie – one a family vaca years ago my cousin referred to my husband and I as this…instead of Kellie & Terry! Doh! It was hysterical and still happens quite a bit.



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