Blog Challenge-Day 5

June 5—Short-term goals for this month and why those goals.

June Goals! Oh boy, here is where I get ambitious! I love lists and make them for everything.

1-Finish the office organization I’ve started-I would LOVE for this to be a super functional space again and not just a catch-all place. Particularly because I have lots of craft projects I want to do and since my former craft room is now a nursery….well, I need someplace to set up!

2-Work more on the Granny triangles for Ellie’s Birthday Bunting-must stay on top of this! Here is the plan (link!)

3-Plan Ellie’s 1st birthday party-I’ve thought of this quite a bit in general terms but really have to get to the nitty-gritty and plan a great 1st birthday for my girl!

4-Enjoy a family weekend mini-vaca getaway-we totally deserve this! Especially because it’s my hubby’s birthday this week, so our little getaway will be a birthday treat

5-Paint the patio set and other outdoor projects-been on the list a while and would LOVE to get this done before the birthday party

6-Finish a yarn UFO-because I didn’t last month, I’ll just carry this into my June goals

7-While doing all of the above….enjoy every moment with my baby girl! Because every day counts and it’s the little things that make me happy!


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