Blog Challenge-Day 4

June 4– Meaning behind your blog name.

WOW, 4 days in already! The days are flying by!! Well, no huge mystery here on my blogname. My name is Kellie and one of my childhood nicknames was KellieBelly. When I got my very first on-line account for this new ‘internet’ thing in college (dating myself there?) KellieBelly was taken as a user name, so I used KellieBelle. A bit of a twist on the original and a nod to the Southern Belle part of my heritage. (Happy Coincidence: Belle is my fav Disney princess!)

So, the Karma part comes from my little goal to live a ‘good’ life. I believe you should treat people the way you want to be treated. Live by the Golden Rule. It doesn’t necessarily make life easy, but things usually work out alright in the end if you just follow the Golden Rule 🙂


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