May Recap

How did I do with my May goals? Let’s see….

  • Read a book – something I have not indulged in regularly since becoming a busy Mommy: DONE! I LOVED Bloom! Really enjoyed some ‘me’ time reading too!
  • Enjoy my first Mother’s Day – a fun low-key day was enjoyed by all
  • Work on Ellie’s Birthday Bunting – still in progress, but looking very good!

  • Clean the office (aka junk room, at least these days) – a work in progress (sorry, no pics) but looking much better!
  • Finish a UFO – for all my non-yarnie friends…that would be an ‘UnFinished Object’ I have quite a few of these, and lord help me, I could do with less of them! FAIL….I didn’t not finish any projects, although I did make progress on one:

  • Paint the front door (finally) – total fail, but I do blame all the rain we’ve been getting
  • Contact landscapers for quotes on front yard redo – post-back surgery, I have decided we should hire this out instead of Terry taking on the brunt of it. We’ll see how the budget turns out….fingers crossed! FAIL…must do this!
  • Move obsolete baby gear to attic I believe we have sadly seen the last days for several things: swing, infant carrier/carseat, little bottles, breast pump, etc. IN PROGRESS: nothing has made its way to the attic yet, but I do have big plastic bins packed and ready!!

Not bad! June will be even busier as preparations for Ellie’s first birthday party really crank up, so stay tuned!


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