Summer Blog Challenge-Day 3

June 3– 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Oh wow, now we get to some seriously fun stuff!

1-Most people don’t know I’m ‘Southern.’ I live in the Boston area now and have mostly lost my New Orleans accent. So most of my friends here don’t realize I’m from the South, unless I’ve told them or they’ve heard my on the phone with my Mom (which is when the accent comes out, I’m told).

2-I have one of the very few houses in the area without a basement. Basements are practically a given in the Northeast. But for some reason, the builder who setup my ‘neighborhood’ back in the 40’s built a handful of houses in a row with no basement. We’re not really sure why. All we know is that it doesn’t bother us (can’t miss what you’ve never had!) but everyone thinks it’s WEIRD!

3-I’m ambidextrous. When I was learning to write as a kid I would start with my left hand and then switch to my right hand in the middle of the page. This makes sense to me…two sides of a page, two hands. My teachers didn’t think so, they made me pick one hand to write with. I kinda wish they would have left me alone because it would be super cool to write with both hands! I did pick a hand for writing but I confuse people all the time by doing things with both hands.

4-I write left-handed. (see #3 to find out why this is interesting).

5-I own two dogs. They are both non-shedding/hypoallergenic breeds. I totally didn’t plan this, but now I consider myself incredibly lucky!

6-I taught myself how to knit from a Martha Stewart Living magazine article, followed by reading books and google searches.

7-I also taught myself how to crochet (books and YouTube instructional videos).

8-I can barely (meaning, not really) sew a straight line.

9-I own WAY too much yarn, but have a hard time getting rid of it.

10-I would love to own my own yarn shop or bakery one day.

11-Given 6-10, you would think I’m a homemaker. No. I’m a geneticist working on high throughput DNA sequencing methods by day. Weird, huh?

12-I don’t nap. I try to sometimes, but my brain won’t shut off. So, I really don’t nap. Except when I was pregnant, I napped a LOT then!

13-I’ve gotten more girly. I still would not classify myself as a girly girl, but compared to the tomboy I was as a kid/teenager, I’m much more girly. I even own pink clothes!

14-I have an unhealthy love for coffee and Dunkin Donuts. In fact I just drank a cup of coffee and ate half of a donut leftover from breakfast while writing this.

15-I want to throw out all my clothes and start over. My ‘wardrobe’ is a mish-mash of leftover clothes from college and grad school, newer, more appropriate clothes and “Mom” clothes (i.e. sweats). I dream of that perfect mix-and-match, anything you grab goes together kind of wardrobe that you never have to ask yourself…..why did I ‘get dressed’ since my old workout pants and t-shirt (the famous Mom clothes) look like pajamas? Someday, someday…..

So there you have it. 15 ‘interesting’ but really just kinda random things about me. Happy Sunday!



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