May Goals

OK, so were 11 days into May, but I have a serious laundry list of upcoming things to do this summer so I am posting my May to-do list (even though it’s late, forgive me).

  1. Read a book – something I have not indulged in regularly since becoming a busy Mommy!
  2. Enjoy my first Mother’s Day – yippee!
  3. Work on Ellie’s Birthday Bunting – don’t want to get behind on this
  4. Finish a UFO – for all my non-yarnie friends…that would be an ‘UnFinished Object’ I have quite a few of these, and lord help me, I could do with less of them!
  5. Clean the office (aka junk room, at least these days) – we’re planning a BIG re-org with new desks, etc. But in the meantime….being able to walk around would be an improvement
  6. Paint the front door (finally)
  7. Contact landscapers for quotes on front yard redo – post-back surgery, I have decided we should hire this out instead of Terry taking on the brunt of it. We’ll see how the budget turns out….fingers crossed!
  8. Move obsolete baby gear to attic – I believe we have sadly seen the last days for several things: swing, infant carrier/carseat, little bottles, breast pump, etc

I could go on, there is much more I want to do…..but we’ll see how things go 🙂


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