Birthday Bunting

What to do on a Saturday when you don’t feel so hot? Sit and think of things you can do and make. Then go to the store to buy whatever you need for whatever you thought of. Recently I came across a crochet pattern for Granny Triangles. I’ve made tons of Granny Squares, but triangles? New to me! Since penant-style bunting is all the rage these days, I think it’s time I try my hand at it, the crochet way. My master plan is to make crochet triangles to use as bunting for Ellie’s 1st Birthday party. Then after the party, I can assemble them into a keepsake blanket for her. I am hugely sentimental, so I think this is brilliant.

Even feeling crummy, I had to start this immediately. My motivation was partly (mostly) a 25% off coupon for the craft store that expired today. I took a small printout of the plates from the Birthday theme I’ve picked and got some good old sturdy Red Heart yarn in the appropriate bright happy colors.

I love that these triangles go FAST! This gives me hope that I’ll finish well before the birthday party rolls around in a few months.

Once I get a handful of triangles made, I plan to graph out a design for the throw. That’s all for now! Oh, those cupcakes I was working on last time….YUM. My co-workers loved them. I use the Southern Living Pink Lemonade cake recipe from the recent issue.


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