Bloom: Finding Beauty….

Recently a friend pointed me in the direction of this book. I just started getting back into a reading mood so it was great to get a meaningful recommendation. After reading the excerpt online, I knew I wanted a ‘real’ copy of this book and not just a Kindle download. There is only a select few books that I plan to keep forever. The Harry Potter series. The Twilight Series (don’t judge me). The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. The Giving Tree. Somehow I knew Bloom would join this group and it certainly has.

First, I have to say this book is just like the movie Up. I love that movie. But before I loved it, I kinda hated it. It pulled at every heartstring and made me bawl. Like, gut-wrenching sobs that require a box of Kleenex crying. I remember actually saying, “Why did Disney make this movie? It’s awful!” That was during the first 10-15 minutes. If you’ve seen it you KNOW what I mean! But ,the rest of the movie is so fabulous that you learn to appreciate and then nearly forget that gut-wrenching beginning. In fact, you know that without that gut-wrenching beginning, the rest of the story wouldn’t matter and it wouldn’t even be a story. This book is just the same. I cried, hard. So hard my husband thought something was wrong….with me, or a family member, etc. I mumbled back in that awful cry-talk way….this is a really good book!

Written with utter honesty, the reader experiences Kelle’s joy with becoming a Mommy ‘again’ and her heartbreak at discovering that her newborn baby girl has Down Syndrome. I won’t get into the details of the story (you can easily find them), but I will say that I learned a few things by reading it:

  • close friends and family are what life’s about. Everyone ‘knows’ this….but really, “know” it. Because in your lowest moments…..who will be there for you?
  • the kind of friend I want to be. The support Kelle received from her friends was, in short, amazing. I hope that if I ever have such an opportunity, I will own it and rock it out in a way that makes me proud and that I’ll never have to say, ‘I wish I had done _____’
  • Beauty is what you make it, don’t let anyone else define it for you
  • Find joy in every day. No matter how hard that day seems, it is your day

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, a snuggly blanket on a rainy day and read this book. Your outlook on life might just change 🙂



Mother’s Day

What a lovely First Mother’s Day I celebrated! We had quite the weekend, with a surprise visit to the peditrician (everything was A-OK, whew!), a total brake re-do on our Jeep Cherokee, and Terry coming down with a cold. Yes, for the second time this year our entire family is on antibiotics! When everyone says that kids in daycare are sick all the time but have great immune systems, they forget to mention that Mom and Dad are sick all the time too!

Despite all the craziness, we had a very good low-key weekend. We did away with any ‘big’ outings and spent a relaxing day at home. The weather was gorgeous so we got to enjoy a nice walk around the neighborhood (without a doubt, Jasper and Mickey’s favorite part of the weekend!) and then we rocked on the porch and visited with the neighbors while the pups napped to recover from the big walk.Overall, a win for everyone 🙂


May Goals

OK, so were 11 days into May, but I have a serious laundry list of upcoming things to do this summer so I am posting my May to-do list (even though it’s late, forgive me).

  1. Read a book – something I have not indulged in regularly since becoming a busy Mommy!
  2. Enjoy my first Mother’s Day – yippee!
  3. Work on Ellie’s Birthday Bunting – don’t want to get behind on this
  4. Finish a UFO – for all my non-yarnie friends…that would be an ‘UnFinished Object’ I have quite a few of these, and lord help me, I could do with less of them!
  5. Clean the office (aka junk room, at least these days) – we’re planning a BIG re-org with new desks, etc. But in the meantime….being able to walk around would be an improvement
  6. Paint the front door (finally)
  7. Contact landscapers for quotes on front yard redo – post-back surgery, I have decided we should hire this out instead of Terry taking on the brunt of it. We’ll see how the budget turns out….fingers crossed!
  8. Move obsolete baby gear to attic – I believe we have sadly seen the last days for several things: swing, infant carrier/carseat, little bottles, breast pump, etc

I could go on, there is much more I want to do…..but we’ll see how things go 🙂

Birthday Bunting Poll!

Help me decide!! Check out the beginnings of the crocheted party bunting I’m making here and let me know what you think!!!

Birthday Bunting

What to do on a Saturday when you don’t feel so hot? Sit and think of things you can do and make. Then go to the store to buy whatever you need for whatever you thought of. Recently I came across a crochet pattern for Granny Triangles. I’ve made tons of Granny Squares, but triangles? New to me! Since penant-style bunting is all the rage these days, I think it’s time I try my hand at it, the crochet way. My master plan is to make crochet triangles to use as bunting for Ellie’s 1st Birthday party. Then after the party, I can assemble them into a keepsake blanket for her. I am hugely sentimental, so I think this is brilliant.

Even feeling crummy, I had to start this immediately. My motivation was partly (mostly) a 25% off coupon for the craft store that expired today. I took a small printout of the plates from the Birthday theme I’ve picked and got some good old sturdy Red Heart yarn in the appropriate bright happy colors.

I love that these triangles go FAST! This gives me hope that I’ll finish well before the birthday party rolls around in a few months.

Once I get a handful of triangles made, I plan to graph out a design for the throw. That’s all for now! Oh, those cupcakes I was working on last time….YUM. My co-workers loved them. I use the Southern Living Pink Lemonade cake recipe from the recent issue.