It’s a miracle!!

Look! Baby girl is asleep, house is acceptable clean AND I’m still conscious, so……I’m actually knitting!!
It’s a weekend miracle!



Where did January go?

What a whirlwind! Here, let me catch you up:
-baby got stomach virus
-baby shared stomach virus with Mommy
-baby got better just in time for Daddy’s back surgery
-Daddy came home from hospital, YAY!
-Daddy started feeling bad and ended up back in hospital, BOO!
-Baby’s tummy got upset again and she missed a few more days of daycare
-Baby had 6 month well visit and got vaccines
-Baby then got really sick and is now home with conjunctivitis, double ear infection and pneumonia in the left lung 😦 Mega sad face!
-Daddy maybe starting to feel better….last set of tests today, YAY!

What does this all add up to: one tired Mommy! We have already met our deductible and, I think, probably our out-of-pocket expenses for the year. I’m also officially out of sick days and floating holiday already. In the first week of February. YIKES!

Please Lord, let this be our last round of illnesses for a while! I totally didn’t get much done in January outside of dealing with the above. I did however order and receive the yarn for the Wedding Bells Shawl, SO FLUFFY!! I even cast on! But then I discovered that none of my knitting needles are pointy enough for ‘real’ lace knitting. So I ordered every flavor of Knit Picks tips:

Harmony Wood:


Zephyr Acrylic:

I’m really hoping one of these tips does the trick!! Stay tuned!

Also, I really do have some February goals, so let’s see if I can get them posted before the end of the month, LOL!