Wedding Bells Shawl

I must say, I’m pretty busy these days! Full-time job, Mommy and wife. Unfortunately my husband is battling some back issues in the form a severely herniated disk, so he is mostly down for the count. This is frustrating for both of us, because he can’t hold the baby or basically life anything, he can’t drive, etc so I’m busier than ever keeping the little munchkin happy and healthy, trying to not let our house descend into total chaos and working in some sleep too!

And Yet, I’m planning a pretty big knitting project! What can I say, I can’t help myself! There is a very special honorary “sibling” of mine currently planning a springtime garden wedding party for 2013. This means I have roughly a year to knit this for her:

Wedding Bells Shawl

Wedding Bells Shawl by Caroline Levandar <- Ravelry Link!

I love all the meaning that inspired this one, the bells and hearts border, the diamonds in the main part. Swoon, so pretty! I think this will be a challenge, so it’s a good thing I have a year to get it together. I just received the yarn for it this week, I got Rown Kidsilk Haze in cream:

Oh, so soft and fluffy! Hope I can start on it soon!!


Happy 2012

Happy 2012!! Poof! Another year gone by and a new one begun. 2011 was quite a year and it really FLEW by with very little blogging. But here I am, back and full of energy for a new and exciting start!
I’m spending this New Year’s Day with my family in South Louisiana watching some Saints football and eating LOTS of good food! There are
Any resolutions I could make but the theme for 2012 is to “simplify” our lives. This will include decluttering, purging and mass reorganization of my little house, all the while enjoying fun times and relaxation with my family. It’s quite a tall order, I know, but aim high right?
Enjoy your New Year and I’ll be seeing you in blogland again soon!