Product Purge & Multnomah

So, as promised, I started my BIG purge this weekend. A humble start, but a start nonetheless!

I decided to start with my ‘products’ in the bathroom. Now I typically don’t consider myself a high maintenance kind of girl, but you wouldn’t know that to look at my product stash. So here is the armful of stuff I grabbed from the bathroom to purge/organize:


Don't you want to take a picture of ME?


Evidently, Jasper wanted to help 🙂


Straight from the tiny bathroom....


Now this is really NOT a fair before picture. This was the first round of stuff I pulled out. While organizing I kept remembering…’Wait, I have hair stuff upstairs!’ or ‘Wait, I have more makeup in my travel bag….still packed from Christmas…’ etc etc. And so the project grew….

But nevertheless, here is what I tossed in the trash:


Le Gar-bage Pile


I followed all appropriate rules, any makeup over 6 months, GONE! Hair products I haven’t touch in forever, GONE! Many many travel totes, bags, organizational tools into which things go never to emerge again, GONE!

Here’s the results:


Hair accessories basket
Makeup basket


These baskets now live on the shelf of our bathroom cabinet. I also started cleaning out the medicine cabinet and bathroom cabinet but I don’t have pictures of that yet because it’s still a bit in progress AND (most exciting!) my hubby spent a good part of the weekend spackling, sanding and painting some spots on the wall in need of repair. Look for final bathroom org pics to come!

Also this weekend I started a new knitting project! It is a shawl called Multnomah. It is another meager start, but a start! This shawl is intended for a Mardi Gras swap package I’ll be putting together for my super-secret partner in the Ravelry Odd Ducks group. I love the green, purple and gold yarn, which I purchased on Etsy, GORGEUS!!

Mardi Gras Multnomah

So there you have it, my productive weekend! Happy organizing to all!


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