Hello there Oktober

Pumpkins, ghosts and witches, oh my! Living just minutes away from Witch City means you’re never bored and you get a big heads up when Halloween rolls around! October is considered its own season around here and the decor is popping up all over the place. I’ve even seen a few leaves falling and I just got word today that the Connors Maize Maze (this year styled after Clint Eastwood. Not kidding! Click the link!) is opening up. All this can only mean one thing OCTOBER IS NEAR!!!!

I’ve been extra absent lately and that is because of the preparation, whirlwind tour and recovery from my fabulous vacation to Germany!! While pictures are forthcoming from my photographer hubby (don’t worry Facebook friends, I promise they will appear one day!) I did manage to snag a few, BWA-HA-HA! Hence the title of this post, refering to Oktoberfest!!!

Did you know:

  • Oktoberfest is the world’s largest fair?
  • The celebration is watched over by the statue of Bavaria?
  • Oktoberfest is an anniversary celebration?

I sure didn’t, at least not until I went! And this year is extra special because it’s the 200th anniversary of the marraige of Crown Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen (namesake of the Theresienwiese festival grounds). Well there you have it.

It just so happened that DH and I were in Munich for one last hurrah (after visiting the Bavarian Alps and Prague!) before our flight back to the US. It also just so happened to be the opening day of Oktoberfest! What luck?!

View from the ferris wheel
One of the gorgeus horse-drawn beer wagons
Enjoying a coffee at the end of the day
Terry had one too 🙂

And, of course I couldn’t go on vacation without a travel yarn project! This time I packed up some crochet hooks (they tend to get through the airports a tad easier than the pointy metal sticks knitting needles) and worked on a cardigan:

The sleeves are being a pain, so I’m currently considering making this more of a vest. It is asymmetrical (I’m sure you noticed….) and I plan to attach a pair of ties at the top. I’ll also be adding more edging to the front because right now it doesn’t close (size small = 36-in bust my booty! I totally should have made a medium, or even a large for a big floppy sweater, but alas, we’ll go for mini-cropped cardi).

I’ve also been working on my handmade item for the tea/coffee swap I’m currently participating in. For that I embroidered these flour sack towels and embellished them with vintage plastic buttons. LOVE how they came out!

So that is the update here! Hopefully now that things have settled down again you’ll hear from me a little more often!!!


3 thoughts on “Hello there Oktober

  1. Oktoberfest looked like it was super fun! I didn’t know any of the factoids.

    Loving the picture of you with the coffee. Super cute.

    AND THE CROCHETED TOP IS AWESOME. I just love it. I love that it’s asymmetrical. This reminds me that I’m going to finish my granny squares soon. I’m thinking about making a lumbar pillow with it. Good idea?

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