Lazy Weekend

What a great lazy weekend I’ve had! Last week was extra crazy with my first business trip to California. It was quite busy but a success, so no complaints here. I took a red-eye flight back to Boston, arriving at 7am on Saturday morning. This made for a very lazy weekend while I recovered from such a long Friday and Friday night. So what did I do? I laid on the couch with my puppies of course!!

Mickey enjoyed some loving while snuggling on my pillow:

Of course Jasper didn’t miss the action either…..

What you can’t see is me totally passed out behind Jasper!

While I didn’t get a ton of crafting done this week with the wacky schedule, I’m happy to say I finished my crochet market bag last weekend and got it all blocked and ready to use:

I also started a new scarf with the Serenity Garden yarn I was gifted in the recent Firefly swap:

I’m excited about this one! It will go perfectly with my chocolate brown and pink Converse! They look like this, but low-tops:

I know what you’re thinking. Who pairs a gorgeus lace scarf with Chucks? Evidently I do and I can’t wait to wear them!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Lazy Weekend

  1. I am currently DYING over that market bag.

    Seriously, Kellie. Drop everything. Do not pass go. SELL THE GREEN MARKET BAGS! They are amazing and the color is perfection. I bought one at the farmers market and its cute but not nearly as nice as this. I think you picked a much better yarn and pattern.

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