Gone to the dogs!

As most of you know, we are big dog fans around my house. Like, BIG. Our two pooches are like our children, they entertain us, we worry when they are sick, we take them to play in the park, etc. I even watch dog shows on TV now. I was never interested before, but now we watch attentively and cheer on the Yorkies in the Toy Group and the Fox Terriers in the Terrier Group! Much of our weekends are spent bonding with our little guys.

I came across some doggie-centric projects I just had to share! I may even attempt some of these one day, but for now I will just oogle the creativity of other dog lovers out there.

(Each picture links to the appropriate Ravelry design/project page!  Thanks to all the designers who make their patterns available on-line!)

Yorkie & Puppy Dog Pattern:

Henry the Amigurumi Hound Dog:

Wendy, The Cocker Puppy – Amigurumi Pattern:


Blue’s Clues amigurumi doll:

Pug Dog with Sweater:

(I had to include this one for Kim!! Doesn’t it look like Lola?!)

I could really go on and on but I’ll stop here. There are so many more I could include!!

Lesson of the week: Find inspiration in what you love!!! The results will be amazing!


Behold, le jungle.

Yes, this is the best way to describe our back garden……..

Until recently that is. This is a ‘before’ picture. We decided our sad garden needed some attention. Ok, that’s a lie, we knew this for a while so I guess you could say we decided it was bad enough we couldn’t ignore it. We made a plan for a super quick cleanup/update and headed to Home Depot. While standing in the garden center, we promptly tossed that plan and winged it, going with our inspiration. A few hours later, the Home Depot truck had been rented, used, and returned. By the end of the day, we were midway with this amount of progress:

Wow, what a difference! By then end of the weekend, we were done and left with this:

Quite the improvement! Of course I couldn’t walk normal for a few days, but it was worth it!  Believe it or not, that’s about $400 right there. Goes fast, doesn’t it? Of course we have a few leftover supplies (landscape fabric, stones, a bag or two of paving sand, etc) for future projects. I declare the effort a success and several weeks later I’m proud today, it still looks like that 🙂

Lazy Weekend

What a great lazy weekend I’ve had! Last week was extra crazy with my first business trip to California. It was quite busy but a success, so no complaints here. I took a red-eye flight back to Boston, arriving at 7am on Saturday morning. This made for a very lazy weekend while I recovered from such a long Friday and Friday night. So what did I do? I laid on the couch with my puppies of course!!

Mickey enjoyed some loving while snuggling on my pillow:

Of course Jasper didn’t miss the action either…..

What you can’t see is me totally passed out behind Jasper!

While I didn’t get a ton of crafting done this week with the wacky schedule, I’m happy to say I finished my crochet market bag last weekend and got it all blocked and ready to use:

I also started a new scarf with the Serenity Garden yarn I was gifted in the recent Firefly swap:

I’m excited about this one! It will go perfectly with my chocolate brown and pink Converse! They look like this, but low-tops:

I know what you’re thinking. Who pairs a gorgeus lace scarf with Chucks? Evidently I do and I can’t wait to wear them!!!!!!!