Still here and still knitting (and crocheting!)

So…..I’m a bad blogger, we have established this. Life has just been busy busy with summer projects! I did complete the bedroom paintjob, although I don’t have pictures of it yet because I’m waiting for all those finishing touches. (Don’t hold your breath!)

Anywhoo, thought I should let all know that I’m still here and I still do knit and crochet? What, you may ask, do I make? Here’s a few recent projects:

1. The autumn scarflette/shawlette! I made this as part of a firefly/Serenity (aka greatest show ever) themed swap package. These pictures are from the recipient, who hails from Honolulu and really appreciated this lightweight scarf/shawlette!

2. Baker’s Dozen Squares Swap: So I joined this great swap on Ravelry where they have 13 people per group and each month 12 members make a 12 inch square (knit or crochet) and send them to the 13th member. When you’re the lucky 13th member of the month, you receive 12 lovely squares that you can use to make anything you want. COOL! Here are the July squares I made (I’m in 2 groups, cuz I can’t get enough of a fun thing!):

3. I’m also taking a crochet class from my LYS (local yarn store) to crochet a market bag. Here’s where I’m at right at this very moment (crappy webcam pic but you get the idea!)

There you have it, my most recent craftiness.

Also (just for Kim!) a house update!! We are almost done with the act of congress that is getting a variance approved to build our front porch!!! Our hearing is Monday, so hopefully no one ‘objects’. If all goes well we’ll get the permit after a 20-day waiting period, then we can schedule the contractor. This has of course turned into a much bigger project than just ‘add a porch’ because we’re planning on new siding, moving our front door, our big spruce tree has to go for the porch, and of course all our MONSTER shrubs will GO GO GO! I can’t wait!!