Happy Memorial Day!!

In memory of all our fallen soldiers who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom! While I avoid political discussion in general, I will say that our top-notch military is the legs our country stand on! Regardless of our political views in these controversial times, it remains true that without our military defending our country and our freedom our way of life would cease to exist! So a SUPER BIG THANK YOU to all our armed forces for allowing me and mine to live the American Dream!!

Well I am still here and sifting through the rubble! The last couple of weeks have been serious home improvement project time for me and while I’ve been bad about taking in-progress photos, you’ll get to see the end results, PROMISE!

First things first, the living room dilemma. You may remember my call for help about what to do with the living room furniture arrangement/lack of space/ sucky lighting dilemma. Well I got a little Better Homes and Gardens inspiration in my email. Their weekly newsletter had a link to decor tips for small spaces and they mention that furniture should not be flat against the walls because that will make a small space feel cluttered and blocky, rather than casual and comfy. With that in mind, I rearranged the room like so:

While this did not replace my super annoying floor lamp, it did encase it completely behind the couch. Not seeing the entire length of it does help to hide the fact that it really doesn’t stand straight! So now I just have to deal with the annoying switch, which I can live with for now. This did accomplish my goal of freeing up more space in front of the stairs, which will one day be my entryway. While I don’t have a ‘real’ picture to show you (it is SO not picture-worthy right now because there is stuff everywhere) I must say that I’m quite happy with the arrangement and I do like that the couch is not smashed up against the wall. It’s also more in line with the TV, which DH really likes so we are happy all around 🙂

And that bedroom painting plan I had? Well things did not go quite as planned. First off, my plan to paint the alcove area the darker shade totally went out the window when I started painting and discovered this:

Yep. The walls flanking the area don’t line up! They are about 6-8 inches offset from one another, which makes for a weird transition. Solution? Toss the original idea and go with another!! So, the solution was to paint all the ‘walls’ the darker shade and the ‘ceilings’ the lighter shade. (Quotes because the ‘walls’ are super short and ‘ceiling’ is generously used to refer to the tiny landing space strip + the angled eaves we often bump our heads on!). Here are a few deep thoughts on painting:

-how come the swatch on the card matches the dot of paint they put on the top of the can in the store light and home light, but then you roll that on the wall and it takes on a new life of its own that is totally different?

–WOW, flat paint makes SUCH a HUGE difference. Huge. (for real). As previously mentioned, our walls are far from perfect. There are divets, bad seams/cracks (me thinks the previous homeowners were not-so-great at DIY, but they tried hard). We did lots of repair and sanding but it is still far from perfect. The previous wall paint was semi-gloss, which really showed everything because the light reflected right off it, but no more I say! The flat paint looks so much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I’ve decided that on all those home and garden shows when they say a color is ‘dramatic’ what they mean is “WOW! That is WAY darker than I thought it would be! But…..I think I like it. I mean, it’s different, it rich…….it’s DRAMATIC!”

My Cup of Cocoa color is dramatic. I REALLY like it.

We officially finished the last coat on the trim today! Tomorrow we can move back in and vacate the guest room (good thing since guests are due in on Thursday!) and then on Friday our new bedroom furniture will arrive, Woo-Hoo!!! Hopefully you will see pictures in the near future!!!!!


One thought on “Happy Memorial Day!!

  1. Kellie, the arrangement you went with looks GREAT!! it opens up the space and provides a little oomph. great job. looking forward to seeing the paint color!

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