I’m not boring, PROMISE!

At least I don’t think so. But the guy in the paint department at Home Depot might have other opinions. I have this brilliant plan to paint my bedroom before the new furniture we have on order arrives. I think this is a brilliant plan! Right now the walls are tan, I like them plenty, but they are beat up from the previous owners pictures, mounted TV, etc etc and repainting them has been on the to-do list since we bought our house a little over a year ago. (yea, it’s been that long ALREADY!)

So after work today I made the trek over to Home Depot to get some of this fabulous primer/paint all in one from Behr I’ve seen commercials about. I grabbed a couple of swatches and next this you know I had a fab palette:

Oh yes, I see you trembling in excitement over this combo. (sarcasm)

Two shades of tan/beige/brown. It’s clean. I like it. Why two shades?? Here’s the room:

Here’s the plan:

Paint the large/main area in the Classic Taupe (lighter) color. Then paint the alcove/cubby in the ‘accent’ color of Cup of Cocoa, this room’s version of an accent wall. Keep the white trim (fresh coat of paint though).

So, where’s the excitement. In the accessories of course. I have hiding out in my closet my deep red curtains, red/chocolate brown/green pillows, etc. Of course, tan walls, wood floor and wood furniture might be a bit bland for the accessories to cure…..here’s hoping it works out. Nothing a few well chosen rugs can’t handle!!

Thanks to those who commented on the living room lighting conundrum. I have an idea. We’re going to try it this weekend, so stay tuned for more!!


4 thoughts on “I’m not boring, PROMISE!

  1. I thik it’ll be really pretty when you add the red curtains/throw pillows, etc…
    You have never been boring in your whole life…LOL!

    1. LOL! You like that huh Mom?! Well, this is no yellow striped wall, been there done that! I have hit a snag though, might have to call and get your opinion.

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