Secret Project Update

OK, so the ‘secret’ project is taking a little longer than planned. See, it’s kind of a 2-part thing and each thing has 2 pieces. I thought I could do thing 1, then do the big REVEAL while doing thing 2. Problem is, I got through piece 1 of thing 1, then realized….I kinda need to do piece 1 of thing 2 in order to do piece 2 of thing 1 (or 2). They’re kinda dependent on each other. Did that make sense??

Anyway, the update is piece 1 of thing 1 is DONE and piece 1 of thing 2 is about 70% done. So, it’s cranking along slowly but surely. Is it worth all this suspense? Probably not, LOL! Is it fun to keep everyone in suspense anyway? ABSOLUTELY!!! I’m really hoping that the piece 2 for both things go faster than piece 1, which is the major showpiece. Still stumped? Go ahead, try to guess!! I’ll give you a hint, both things are intended for the living room. Stay tuned and you can tell me if all this was worth the wait!