Chicken Pot Pie, YUM YUM!

We have been super busy up here in MA, so I’m a bit behind with the blogging. I actually made this a few weeks ago, but finally sharing! I made my first ever Chicken Pot Pie using Pillsbury’s SUPER easy recipe!

It was so so so easy. I had never made any kind of pie before (well, except the instant kind with the crust already in the pan and you just dump the filling in! I’m not counting that) but it came out so good. Seriously, fool-proof! Check out the results and go make your own!

PS Forgive the runny gravy awesomeness on top. Evidently I sealed the edges really good and it bubbled out the top a bit!


2 thoughts on “Chicken Pot Pie, YUM YUM!

  1. Hey babes!

    Been a lond time no speak. Ever time I go on your blog I get HUNGRY! By the way, have you read the Steid Larsson books? Are they good? Hope you’re well hun xxxx

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