Bella’s Mittens #2

A while back I started a pair of Bella’s Mittens. They were navy blue and ended up being a present for a good friend. For my first pair of mittens I was quite happy with how they came out! I decided I still needed a pair. But what color? I have a gray coat and a black coat. I wear brown a lot. Nothing else matches, so why care? But I thought about it anyway, and decided I needed a good neutral, that could go with black or brown.

** Total aside: This makes no sense. Black and brown are both considered neutral and therefore go with anything (according to Stacey and Clinton….and I trust them). So really, I could pick any color……so is it extra boring that I wanted yet another neutral. If you combine multiple neutrals does that become its own color palette, or are you just one big blah neutral. This is suffering I go through when picking yarn colors. Crazy over (for now)**

What’s the perfect neutral for my mittens? Greige. You know, that perfect not gray, not beige color….greige (I first learned about greige here. Go. Be educated in the ways of the greige.) I picked the Squirrel Heather colorway in KnitPicks Swish Bulky:

A couple weeks later and here I am, with warm squishy mittens. I can’t wait to give them a go in the morning waiting for the train!


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