2010 Block-a-month CAL

In reaching my goals of growing my creativity, I’ve joined the Ravelry 2010 Block-a-month Crochet-a-long (CAL)

There are a few different flavors to this CAL: the main 12″ block CAL, the 6″ block CAL and the Craftster 12″ block CAL. I think this CAL is great for me for many reasons.

  1. Most blocks work up pretty quickly, so it’s almost like instant crochetification!!! As block is easy…it’s when you think of how many blocks you need for a blanket that it gets tricky!!!
  2. At the end of the year, I’ll have 12 finished blocks to sew into an afghan/blankie, YAY! In fact, if I do all three squares every month, I’ll have enough to make 3!!
  3. I’ll learn new techniques and blocks I’ve never done before.
  4. I’ll meet new online friends to discuss crochet and knitting with!
  5. I’ll use some of my stash yarn!

WooHoo! I couldn’t wait, so I already got my hooks out and worked up two blocks over the weekend. I choose to go with a color-combo-of-the-month strategy. Kinda like:

  • JANUARY – white/blue; inspiration = snow
  • FEBRUARY – red, pink, white; inspiration = Valentine’s Day
  • MARCH – green; inspiration = St. Patrick’s Day
  • APRIL – blues and grays; inspiration = April showers
  • MAY – purple or bright colors! inspiration = May flowers
  • JUNE – yellow; inspiration = sunny days!
  • JULY – red, white and blue; inspiration = Independence Day
  • AUGUST – yellow-green; inspiration = my birthstone, Peridot!
  • OCTOBER – orange; inspiration = Halloween
  • NOVEMBER – harvest colors; inspiration….um, harvest?
  • DECEMBER – red, green, white; inspiration = Christmas!

So there is my intended color combos to make an afghan of my year. Any ideas for September? I can’t think of anything…

With the January color combo in mind, I hit my quite significant yarn stash and came up with these:

January 2010 12" Ravelry Block
January 2010 6" Ravelry Block

So far, so good, I like it! I still need to work up the Craftster block, but will use the same yarn as these.

Please suggest a September color/inspiration for me!


4 thoughts on “2010 Block-a-month CAL

  1. Fun! For September, it’s the kick-off to fall, so you could go with reds and oranges. It’s also stereotypically the start of school (even though most schools start in August these days), so you could do the “red school house/yellow school bus” thing. 🙂

    1. All fab suggestions ladies!! I kept thinking ‘school’ but couldn’t figure out how to incorporate color into it and Abby, love the birthstone idea!

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