2010 Goals

Like many do this time of year, I’ve thought a lot recently about what I want to accomplish. After all, it’s January 1st, a fresh start!! I have to admit, this year is different for me. There is SO much I want to do!! I think a lot of it has to do with owning our house and having our little furry family, it’s like I’ve finally grown up. Well, at least a teeny tiny bit…..

I’ve thought and thought, and I almost hate to make a goal list for the year. There’s just too much and I hate starting out knowing that I won’t be able to do it all!! So instead, once again inspired by fellow blogger Kim,  I made up a mantra to summarize my goals. I even decided to make up copy her idea of making a little visual button to remind myself of my goals:

Here’s the breakdown!

Live Simply – I want to simplify and organize everything….my life, my house, all of it! I want to cook more and eat healthy instead of eating fast food and ‘instant’ meals.

Live Fully – I want to go new places and see new things. I want to embrace life as it comes and smile everyday and never back down from a challenge or doubt myself!

Love Simply & Fully – mostly self-explanatory. I want to demonstrate my appreciation and gratitude in unique, thought-out and practical ways. For example, I don’t want to give the typical gifts…I want to craft special & useful things with meaning for my family and friends. One effect of the recent economy is that I’ve learned to appreciate the simple things and appreciate what I have 🙂 I want to really listen to my friends and family when I talk to them, instead of half-listening while running through the ‘to do’ list in my head. (If you’re a family-member or friend I’ve done this to….sorry!)

Grow Fully – This goes back to challenging myself. I want to master a second language, learn to quilt, continue to increase my skills of knitting and crochet, etc. I want to go to art shows and museums. Most of all, I want to turn my house into a home by doing the projects I’ve dreamed about (this should certainly ‘grow’ my DIY skills!).

So, even though I listed examples, I’m not making a goal list for this year. I’m just keeping this mantra in mind in all I do and we’ll see how it goes 🙂


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