I’m Back! Happy 2010!!!

After a bit of a break, I’m back in action! Christmas turned out to be just as crazy as expected, but we had a lovely trip down south. How lovely you may ask? Let’s just say we left Boston on a 17 degree post-2009 blizzard morning and arrived in New Orleans to a 70 degree sunny day. AWESOME!!

We had loads of fun visiting everyone, especially:

A few friends from college (we did not all plan to wear purple, I swear!):

My homegirl, Amy. Before my entry into DH’s family, she was the only girl with a LOT of boys. This chica is one tough cookie!

And most importantly, my super cutie-patootie 4 year old nephew:

Without even consulting my December ‘goal’ list, which was basically a social calendar, I’m declaring it all a success!

Now I have some SUPER exciting new plans for 2010 that I can’t wait to share. But first…I have to brainstorm, list and organize it all! Yes, I’m a geek, don’t hate me for it! Stay tuned for the fun & have a happy and safe New Year!!!!!


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