52-in-52 wrap up!

So for 2009, I joined in the 52-in-52 challenge, to read 52 books in 52 weeks. How did I do? Well consulting my reading list I see that I read 49 novels. Not bad at all!!!! I’m declaring this effort a total success!!!! That’s because I know a few boring grown-up books that didn’t make the list, like:

Home Buying for Dummies

This Old House Guide to Renovation and Remodel

That’s 51…..and there’s another book on Home Organization I read whose title escapes me at the moment (it’s on my bookshelf, I bet you’ll hear about it in future blogs). That makes 52!! Not bad at all for having bought a house, moved, gotten 2 puppies, etc. YIPPEE, goal accomplished!

For 2010 I will be keep up my reading list but will not challenge myself for the 52-in-52 again. I’m hoping to to spend a lot more time knitting, crocheting and turning my house into a ‘home.’ Stay tuned for the adventures!


One thought on “52-in-52 wrap up!

  1. I’m totally impressed. I def. read more this year than past years, but not 52 books. =) When you figure out the organizing book, let me know will ya?

    And, I’m totally up for a crochet-a-long together once I learn. I’m excited to learn. I liked knitting, but it was a bit too time-consuming. I’ve heard that crocheting can be a little quicker. We’ll see.

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