Christmas Wreath a la Kel

This week the Dare to DIY challenge is to Deck that Halls! Now, I LOVE Christmas. How much do I love Christmas? Well, I had a Christmas themed December wedding!! That should tell you something. I actually don’t have that many Christmas decorations. Before our big move up to Boston last year I purged all the cheap apartment decorations and decided to do it right when we got a house. Well….we got the house this year, so that means round 1 of ramping up the goodies! Here’s the wreath I put together for our front door:

I got all the supplies for this little puppy at Michael’s on mega-sale, so I think the whole thing cost me about $6. Nice. My only disappointment is that the dark green doesn’t show up too well against our black door. But, we’re planning to get a new front door (no clue yet what color), so we’ll see how it looks next year.

We also have a new tall skinny Christmas tree for our tiny living room! I think it looks pretty nice. Although, a bit sad that I didn’t get garland for the banister, or finish crocheting the puppy’s Christmas stockings.

I love my tree mostly because of my fabulous ornaments! We got a lot of gorgeus ornaments for our wedding and this is the first year we’ve had a tree since then, so it was super exciting to put them up. Here is a selection of the collection:


2 thoughts on “Christmas Wreath a la Kel

  1. I love your wreath. It looks great, and what a steal of a deal.

    I like the tall skinny trees. I’m thinking about trying to find one after the holidays. Where did you find yours?

    THanks for linking up, crafty gal. (Got your xmas card today. Loves it.)

    1. Hey Kim, I got the tree at Target!! I forget what the regular price was, but I got it on sale for $80 I think! Pre-lit, 6.5 feet tall 😉

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