My digital Christmas

Yes, we are taking the leap to the digital reading frenzy! I just ordered Terry and I each an Amazon Kindle 2 for Christmas. I have scoffed at these things since they came out, but I’m jumping on the bandwagon. Here’s why:

  1. Now that we commute on trains to work, we read A LOT! Seriously, I’m sure Barnes and Noble has seen a sales boost from us. While we will still have to pay for the electronic Kindle books, it is cheaper. New releases (i.e. ‘Hardbacks’) are $9.99 significantly less than the usual $25, even taking into account the ‘member’ discounts.
  2. Terry is tired of finishing a book on the train and then having nothing to read until we make a trip to the bookstore. We tend to ‘stock up’ at the bookstore, but we read a lot of series and if they are missing one book in the middle, you’re stuck until you find it. No more I say!!!
  3. It’s ‘Green’ YAY for saving a few trees!
  4. Less books around the house = less clutter/stuff to store = a ‘neat’ bookcase (something I have personally never had).

So there you have it, a few reasons why we decided the Kindle was a good purchase for us this Christmas. We’ll get them in before Christmas, so we’ll be able to take them on our trip home and give them a test run on the plane. Of course, I still have 2 paperbacks already purchased that I need to read first, so depending on how long that takes I may make the switch after.

So, does anyone out there Kindle? Do you like it??


4 thoughts on “My digital Christmas

  1. Oh let me know how you like it. I read alot and it would be nice to not have all the books laying around the house. I was thinking about asking for it for christmas but with Emmy coming, not sure how much reading I will actually be doing!

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