December 2009 Goals

I can NOT believe it’s December. Seriously. Like, pick me up off the floor because where has this year gone?!?! There was so much I wanted to do and so much I actually did. I am planning even more for next year, but first I have to get through December. I’m changing things up a bit and I hope to update you on it all!

1-Finish our custom DIY cabinet for the kitchen – We started this over Thanksgiving but it’s going much slower than we hoped. That’s OK, we’ll get it done. I hope it comes out as good as I think it will!!

2-Christmas shop – obvious….got to do this!

3-PARTY!!!! Here is a few of our upcoming shin-digs:

  • Christmas dinner for the Friendship of Salem volunteers, Sunday Dec. 6
  • 2nd Anniversary, Tues, Dec. 15
  • Work Christmas party, Thursday Dec. 17
  • Work super awesome say-goodbye to one of our best ever technician’s who’s going to physician’s assistant school party, Friday Dec. 18
  • Belated Anniversary day out on the town, Saturday Dec. 19
  • Christmas trip home, Dec 22-28

Wow, that’s a lot of partying!!

4-Start new tradition with Mom- we’re making a Happy Birthday Jesus cake with my nephew for Christmas Day. She wants to do this every year.

5-Be merry! For me this is a month to enjoy, so a short list is right up my alley 😉


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