Dare to Make Cookies!

HERE is a dare I can handle! Making cookies, I got this! Welcome to Week 3 of the Dare to DIY blog party!

This one was quite fun because I totally kicked the recipe and just did my own thing. Some of my friends may remember my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Oh. My. Gosh. If you want decadent, chew-it-slowly-while-you-savor-every-tiny-morsel cookies, you NEED these. (Warning: they are cookie crack! You will eat them too quickly, then dream about them at night, think about them during the day when you hit that 3pm crash at work and need a sugar rush, then think of them again on your way home when you’re mentally scanning the pantry thinking “What can I whip up for dinner tonight?” and then you’ll remember the cookies and think “Who needs dinner? We could just jump to dessert, I mean they have pumpkin in them so that’s a fruit…!”) (<—-not kidding, make them now!)

Due to the sad sad addiction, I decided to make another batch of these and ‘healthify’ them!! I had some ideas and when I got started I realized that I used ALL of my canned pumpkin making cheesecake. OPPS! But I certainly can’t regret that one! So I rethought my plan and improvised. In the end I ended up with:

(Click on image for full size to print or right-click to copy and paste into your fav program to resize and print!)

Now these are good. They are quite healthy! We have a fruit (banana), some most excellent omega-3’s (flax seed and walnuts), fiber (wheat germ!) and anti-oxidants (I used dark chocolate morsels). I substituted the oil from the original recipe for Sunsweet Lighter Bake, so no fat there!

The result is pretty yummy and Terry is LOVING them! I’m very happy with them (although with the less chocolate…they’re not the same!). I think they are even healthy enough that since I didn’t go to the grocery this weekend, they may be breakfast in the morning!

I also made some turkey chili today that was really fast and easy. Here is the recipe for that one also, I made some individual serving sizes for our lunch this week 🙂


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