On the needles: Bella’s Mittens

Soooo, I’ve been a Twilight fan for quite a while. I discovered the book series after I finished up the Harry Potter series and was searching for something new. Of course I saw the Twilight movie last year and I’m going this Saturday with my friend Mel to see New Moon (Mel and I kind of support each other’s addictions because we share so many, like the crafting bug!). Anyways, after suffering through cold numb hands in Salem last Sunday when we took the puppies out, and after seeing Kim’s New Moon Party decor (so impressive! Check it out NOW to learn how to ‘themify’ a party!) I decided….gifts be d@mned! I’m tackling some selfish knitting now! After a really long time on my knitting queue, I started Bella’s Mittens!

Bella's Mittens by Marielle Henault

This pattern is FABULOUSLY replicating these puppies:

I really like these because the ‘cuffs’ are long, so no nasty gap between your mitten and coat sleeve! I’m making mine in navy blue since I already had the correct weight yarn in that color. Here is my progress so far:

Pattern and current work
Close-up of the cable work!

I am SUPER excited about these also because they are my first ‘magic loop’ project! For knitting in the round I’ve always been a DPN girl, but I have graduated now to the magic loop method. It’s SO EASY, I’m just blown away! I can’t wait to see how these come out!


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