Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Whew! I am STUFFED! Although we were home all alone this Thanksgiving, it was a great day! Last night we made a trip to Lowe’s and bought supplies for kitchen cabinet we are adding to the kitchen. Since it’s a long weekend for Terry (I have to work tomorrow) we thought this was the perfect weekend for tackling a project Weekend Warrior style! Today Terry worked on that while I cooked and baked! Here’s a little trip through our day:

I started my day off making our cheesecake, since it needed to chill a few hours and I didn’t get to make it last night. Here is the recipe I used (click on image to enlarge and print, or right click to copy and paste into your fav program to print your recipe card!):

This is my first ever cheesecake but it was really easy!!

Crumb mixture for crust
Ready for the oven!
The final product!

So yummy, I think this will definitely be on future holiday menus! The biggest problem now….this thing is going to be in my fridge until we eat it. Me and Terry. That’s it. Want to come help? My hips will thank you if you do!

I didn’t really have a Thanksgiving ‘menu’ or anything, but I did plan for green bean casserole and I got rolls and turkey tenderloins. A quick spin in the kitchen and we had this for dinner:

Mmmmm, dinner...

Outside of the kitchen, much was accomplished. Here is the current state of our future cabinet:

Cabinet (can you tell we were on a coffee break when this picture was taken?)

The tiles on top are not actually adhered yet, just there for our visual inspection. YES, we measured PERFECTLY!!!!!! Notice we are working in the office. This is how we DIY when the weather is crummy. Here is what it really looked like all day:

What a mess!

The hall and office are completely off-limits to the puppies, which means of course that they are more determined than ever to go back there! I can’t wait to see this done! Terry is blowing me away with his handiness and ideas!

Lastly I decorated my Christmas tree, YAY! We haven’t put up a tree the last two years so I was really jazzed! The puppies were REALLY into it, especially Jasper who kept stealing ornaments!

Jasper checking out the ornaments while I chat with my Mom
Ooooo, what's this Mommy?
I think Mickey takes after me with his love for coffee.

I hope everyone out there had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!


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