How did I do with my weekend list?

  1. Weekly House Cleanup & Laundry Almost done…2 loads of laundry to go!
  2. Couple time We post-poned the movie to have some quality family time with the puppies! We walked all around Salem Common and went to Derby Wharf for the return of the Friendship of Salem! It was a great (but cold!) afternoon, the puppies are wiped out! Here is a pic of DH and the puppies in the Common (I couldn’t resist a picture of all my guys!)
  3. Complete new kitchen ‘built-in’ design and purchase supplies – Still working on this
  4. Crochet a baby hat!Done! (see below)
  5. Buy ornament for annual swap Done!
  6. Scope out Christmas trees Done! In fact it is already up (but not decorated!)
  7. Do this week’s blog party project and photograph Done! Coming in a post SOON!
  8. Plan Thanksgiving menu and grocery shop Done! The grocery was a madhouse!
  9. Buy the ‘I got an awesome deal, this is the perfect rug for my craft room’ rug!! Done! I can’t wait for it to get here!

Wow, what a great weekend! I can’t believe I got so much done! If only I could always be this productive!!

OK, so here are the hats I’ve been working on! A friend of mine how has a cute little 6-month old saw these online and asked if I could make something similar. I think she will love these, I really hope they fit!

My gauge was totally off on this one, but rather than frog it, I kept going and made an adult size that matches the little one. I consider this one a bonus and Mom or Dad and the baby can be matchy cute!

Second is a cute little hat with earflaps and tassels:

So stinking cute, I have to make more of these!!


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