Oh My, Busy Weekend!!

There is SO MUCH to do this weekend! I’m kinda excited and pumped up about it! And best of all, there is enough to do to warrant list making! Yes, sirree….I am making a list to make sure it all gets done!

  1. Weekly House Cleanup & Laundry – can’t let the usual stuff get behind
  2. Couple time – yes, we are scheduling this in! Time for the rare date and we will be doing dinner and a movie, going to see A Christmas Carol in IMAX 3D (no New Moon yet, maybe next weekend)
  3. Complete new kitchen ‘built-in’ design and purchase supplies – YAY!! After planning this again and again and finally leaving it off my November list so that I would not earn a big fat FAIL yet again, WE’RE GETTING IT DONE!!!! As many home-owners with project lists know….long holiday weekends equal “get ‘er done” weekends. I can’t wait to see if we pull this off!ook forward to plans soon!
  4. Crochet a baby hat! – I have everything, I just need to sit and do this!
  5. Buy ornament for annual swap
  6. Scope out Christmas trees (at the craft store or Target while ornament shopping…this one is a multi-tasking bonus)
  7. Do this week’s blog party project and photograph
  8. Plan Thanksgiving menu and grocery shop
  9. Buy the ‘I got an awesome deal, this is the perfect rug for my craft room’ rug!! I’m so excited!! I’m keeping it a surprise until I get a full inspiration/mood board worked up. It’s totally not the rug I picked previously but it fits the color scheme, is the casual look I want and I love it!

That’s what I’ve got folks. I’ve got to get started!! What are you up to this weekend??


4 thoughts on “Oh My, Busy Weekend!!

  1. Hey Kelliebelle, your profile looks AWSOME!!! Love the pic of you and Mr. Kelliebelle. I hope you get your list done! This weekend is the boyfs birthday so much partying going on here too! Have a lovely weekend xxxxxx

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