Color combo I’m digging

I really want to ‘redo’ my craft room this winter and I’m digging the teal/orange color combo, likey so:

(no idea where this pic came from, so I can’t give credit, sorry!)

The craft room has the stick-on tile floor that looks like hardwood. I really want to ‘anchor’ the room with a great graphic, but not too modern looking rug (our house is a Cape Cod and we want to maintain the casual/coastal cottage feel) and paint the walls the light teal color and then decorate with orange accents. I have searched and searched for rugs and I’m just not blown away by anything. Here is my top pick (today):

What do you think? I had no idea it would be so hard to find a rug! Is my concept wacked out? Am I overthinking this?? Or is this the right feel? I would love any suggestions anyone has. Maybe I just need a fresh start!


4 thoughts on “Color combo I’m digging

  1. i really like the color combo!! so fresh. i have been digging bright teal and bright yellow for a future (way future) baby room…. i cant wait to redo our bedroom and living room one day – but seeing as a ton of it was [free] gifties from our wedding, i cannot purchase new everything when the current stuff isnt even 2 years old!! ooooh well, in due time 🙂 (i am really feeling plum w/ gray walls and accents of bright green & bright orange…that’s SO not like me, but i want it!!) wow… sorry for the novel.. but YES, i love the color scheme and i really like that rug!

  2. Hey I like the rug! Though i’m not sure it fit’s in the casual/cottage feel but then again it probably will do more when it’s in context. The colour combo is awsome!

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