A Year of Thanks – 2009

This week is week #1 of the Dare-to-DIY Blog Party!!! WOO-HOO! (I am celebrating this very moment with coffee and hot chocolate-chip cookies, YUM!)

This week’s theme is Dare to Be Thankful, and let me tell you, this one was tough. Sure, I could make a cute Thanksgiving themed decoration, but for some reason I wasn’t satisfied with that. I thought about this A LOT… In all this over-thinking I realized what a truly wonderful year we have had! We accomplished things this year that I have wanted to do for years….in some cases, my entire life! So, how can I do that justice?!

In addition, like fellow Dare-to-DIYer Ashley, I didn’t really want to spend any money on this one. In all my crafting arsenal, 99% of my supplies are yarn! (me=fiber addict) But a measly little box in the corner has scrapbooking supplies! So here is what I came up with:


A walk through our 2009:

  1. Home! In April we moved into our very first home! After 10 years in apartments, this was HUGE for us! I’m so happy to be in a house again. We have many projects we want to do, but it was a great turn-key home to start off in! This picture was taken when we pulled into our driveway for the very first time, just after the closing on March 31st.
  2. Adventure! In July we went to visit my MIL and FIL in SPAIN! It was fabulous! I had never been to Europe and the entire trip was beyond imagining! The history, the architecture, the culture, I loved it all. I also loved that we were there for MIL’s Change of Command ceremony at the navy base and got to celebrate with her. This picture was taken on the Rock of Gibraltar and the tiny bump you see on the horizon is the continent of Africa on the other side of the straight.
  3. These two pictures are from our trip to San Francisco. Although we were there ‘on business’ we stayed an extra day for a little fun since neither of us had been to CA before. The top left picture was taken on the deck of a ship at Hyde Pier, a National Park Maritime Site. This was super exciting for Terry because he volunteers on the ‘Friendship of Salem‘ at the Salem Maritime National Park Site. He wants to build his own boat someday and since we both love the water, I’m all for it! The lower picture was taken at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. I have been obsessed with lighthouses for years and Terry found this one on a map and decided to surprise me by bringing me there before having a fabulous dinner at a restaurant on top of a cliff with crashing waves beneath. My hubby is so romantic 🙂 This is the closest I’ve been to a real lighthouse (literally steps away) but it is closed down and you can’t go in, so that is another adventure for another day!
  4. Jasper – For years we have wanted a dog. But with apartment living and graduate school, we just couldn’t. After moving into our house, one of the most exciting realizations was WE COULD GET A DOG! On May 16th we brought home Jasper, a wire-haired fox terrier that is our mischievous pride and joy!
  5. Mickey – After two months of life with Jasper, we decided he needed a companion. Enter Mickey, our cute and confident Yorkshire terrier, who we brought home on July 17th. When we went to look for Jasper a little brother/sister, my eyes were drawn to Mickey, who kept running to the front of his little pen and jumping up to put his paws on the glass. It was destiny. I discovered that he had actually been there when we adopted Jasper and was STILL there two months later. Evidently, people wanted puppies and at 4 months, he was getting passed over time and again. NO MORE! He came home with us that night and we are so happy to have him in our little family!!
  6. SAINTS! This may be a silly thing to be thankful for, but the 2009 Saints (9-0 baby!) are also a point of pride for me. As a native New Orleanian, it was hard to witness the decline during/after Hurricane Katrina. I really didn’t think they would rebuild the SuperDome, which has always been (at least in my lifetime) a landmark of the city. I was so happy that they did rebuild and that people showed up in droves to cheer on the Saints. It has been a rough few years since then for NOLA and I feel like the Saints persevering when everyone had written them off is somehow symbolic of the spirit of Louisiana and NOLA in particular. I hope they can go all the way! WHO DAT?!

So there you have it. A simple project, but with several pieces of my heart inside. I can only hope that every year brings us as much happiness as this one has!

The quote on the left says “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year!” Great instructions for happiness, I think!


12 thoughts on “A Year of Thanks – 2009

  1. This is so adorable. What a clever clever idea. Real decor for Thanksgiving, and it’s totally something you can leave up all year. Looks like a wonderful year.

    You should scrapbook more, you are excellent at it. =)

    Thanks for joining in.

    1. Thanks Kim! I’m actually thinking this will be fun to do every year! I can leave it up this year, then next year transfer it all to a scrapbook and put up a new version. Years later….we’ll have a ‘yearbook’ or our life together!!

  2. I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say I really, REALLY love this! And, I’m adopting it as a yearly tradition from this point on (and I promise to give you all the credit!). How cool would it be to make one at the end of every year and have them displayed somewhere in the house, like maybe lining the hallway, to remind you of the good times you’ve had. Love, love, love it. And congrats on the new house!

    1. YAY! I think I’m having my first “Kim” moment….’they like me, they really like me’ LOL! Now I’m thinking about next week and what I can pull out of my hat for that one!

  3. This is great. I had thought of doing a blessings tree which is very similar but yours is so much better! And what a great way to reflect on the wonderful things from your year. I think I might do this exact project 🙂

  4. I do really like this idea! I also would like to point out that there are 26 lighthouses in Washington State…one of which is located very close to me. And it’s open to the public! Another excellent reason to come visit. 🙂

  5. I love this project! What a great way to reflect back on the year, and I love how its something you can keep up year round until you make the next page. Congrats on the new house and all the wonderful things you’ve been blessed with. Your trip to Spain sounds amazing!

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