The big lapghan reveal!

Remember a while back I started a lapghan?? I think later I mentioned that I finished said lapghan, but wasn’t really posting about it because it was a gift. Well, today the gift was given and now I can post pictures!!!

Simple edge stitchGoogly owlThe finished product!

I’m happy with how it came out. Granted, the owl is a bit googly-eyed! I tried THREE times to fix said googly-eye before deciding, it gave the owl ‘character’ and how dare I fiddle with that!!

This blankie was given to my good friend Mel, who is expecting a little bundle of sugar’n’spice and all that’s nice named Emersen (Emmy for short). I picked the owl motif out of the sheets Mel got for Emmy’s bed and matched it pretty darn well, I think!! (Unfortunately I can’t find the picture online at Target anymore, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Thanks to Mel for inviting me to her lovely, wonderful shower! Here is a pic of us with our other good friend Marilyn! We had a blast!

(left to right: Kelliebelle, Mel, Marilyn)


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