You gotta love random projects….

because all those well-thought out ‘expected‘ things are just too boring! I mean, who wants to do that stuff?! It’s much more fun to see something one day, point and say YES! THAT’S WHAT I WANT TO MAKE!

hmmm, maybe it’s just me….

anywho, that’s what happened to me last week when I rediscovered this little guy. And, I had just the yarn in mind for it. A couple of days later and VOILA! I have an acorn bag:

Cutesy acorn!!In use

I’ve actually now added some plastic canvas to the top and in a ring around the bottom to help it hold shape better. I may have to cover it with fabric though, so as not to snag any yarn. That is, if it get’s used for yarn….. When I told Terry (aka the hubster) I was making an acorn bag, he thought it was to put acorns in. We have had WAY too much discussion about the “acorn” bag and it’s “intended” use. I told him he can use it for acorn collecting anytime he wants.

PS I haven’t seen any acorns in the neighborhood, so I think I’m safe 🙂


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