Helping the vertically challenged

Every so often, our little Yorkie Mickey resembles a Mexican jumping bean. This is usually when we are on the sofa, bed, chair, or any other surface that he is too short to just hop onto. Now, he’s a persistent little guy and will keep jumping until he manages to get a foothold and pull himself up. But I decided, why not help the little guy out. So I bought him a cute little step at Target. Well, the top is kinda slick and he is terrified of it!! It has sat by the sofa for a week with absolutely no puppy-paw action. So today I crocheted a little top for it.

Covered step

Now it is soft and squishy and he doesn’t have to worry about sliding off it!! What does he think:

Mickey contemplates le step stool
Mickey contemplates le step stool

I’d say the jury is still out! He hasn’t touched it yet, except when I picked him up and put him on it, which lasted about a millisecond!

I also made banana bread today, so as not to waste the 5 really ripe bananas we had:


Off to grab a coffee and chow!


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